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Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E10 (3/5 – 3/11) Remastered! Original Broadcast: 3/7/2019

Back by Popular Demand! ‘This Week In Wrestling History’ hosted by Don Tony originally aired back in 2018-2019 and spanned two seasons. These retro episodes return remastered and will be posted every Tuesday at 12 Noon EST. These episodes are filled with hundreds of hours of original wrestling clips and stories. Whether experiencing these for the first time, or revisiting the episodes again, you will enjoy this ultimate deep dive into pro wrestling’s awesome history.

SYNOPSIS: S2 E10 (03/05 – 03/11)

  • New Japan runs its first ever show (1972).
  • Audio: Ox Baker appears on The Price Is Right
  • Pat Patterson takes Sgt Slaughter’s Cobra Clutch Challenge and the memorable feud begins.
  • ECW holds its first ever TV tapings (1993).
  • Mick Foley has his ear torn off during a match against Big Van Vader at WCW event in Germany.
  • Audio: Mick Foley, Vader, and 2 Cold Scorpio speak on the Ear incident.
  • Audio: WWE has ‘Chief’ Jay Strongbow participate in Indian Tribe ceremony for Tatanka on Raw.
  • Looking back at USWA Memphis Memories event (1994).
  • Johnny B Badd wrestles last WCW match before signing with WWF.
  • The Steiner Brothers make surprise return to WCW (1996).
  • Mark Henry and Kurt Angle make their WWF TV debuts.
  • Looking back at ECW Big Ass Extreme Bash (1996)
  • Cactus Jack wrestles last ECW match before joining WWF.
  • Audio: Memorable Raw promo between Roddy Piper and Goldust hyping their upcoming WrestleMania XII match.
  • Raw Is War / The War Zone: WWF debuts new Set, Logo, and Theme for WWF Raw (1997).
  • Audio: The Great Debate: Jerry Lawler (representing WWF) vs Paul E Dangerously (representing ECW).
  • ECW invasion of WWF Monday Night Raw continues.
  • Audio: Before Smackdown used it regularly, Marilyn Manson ‘Beautiful People’ was used for Raw.
  • Looking back at the night WCW aired no matches during the first hour of Monday Nitro.
  • Audio: Realty sets in that ECW is RIP as Living Dangerously 2001 PPV is canceled and Paul E Dangerously makes Raw Commentating debut.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon makes Trish Stratus bark like a dog and strip down to her bra and panties.
  • Audio: AJ Styles and Air Paris vs Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper on WCW Monday Nitro.
  • Looking back at the short lived WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles.
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin battle in the ring for the first and only time ever in WWF.
  • Audio: Raw before WrestleMania X8 and Y2J/Stephanie vs HHH feud is intensified by – having Lucy The Dog run over by a Limousine.
  • Audio: Memorable promo between The Hurricane and The Rock.
  • The Rock loses last ever Non-PPV match (against The Hurricane).
  • Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar WMXIX match moved up to Smackdown.
  • Audio: Highlight from This Is Your Life Mick Foley – Presented by The Rock.
  • Audio: JBL blows up the John Cena US Spinner Title.
  • WWE releases the entire Smackdown Juniors Division.
  • Looking back at TNA Destination X PPV (2006, 2007, 2008).
  • Audio: Edge’s creative reason for not wrestling John Cena post MLK Day.
  • Jeff Hardy suspended 60 Days by WWE for 2nd Wellness Violation.
  • JBL Makes Grand Slam history.
  • Ken Shamrock suspended and fined by CA SAC after testing positive for steroids.
  • Entertainment Weekly story confirms TNA signing Jenna Morasca.
  • TNA starts a working agreement with AAA.
  • Monday Night Wars II begins: TNA Impact vs WWE Raw.
  • TMZ story confirms Snooki competing at WrestleMania XXVII.
  • Brian Kendrick appears and competes on The Price Is Right (2011).
  • Jerry Lynn announces retirement date from in ring competition.
  • Nightclub incident involving John Morrison and Melina.
  • Audio: The Rock gives Boston fans ‘History Lessons’ on John Cena.
  • Looking back at TNA Lockdown PPV (2013, 2014).
  • Audio: Jeff Hardy occupies Raw.
  • Bill Demott resigns as Head Trainer at WWE Performance Center.
  • WWE attempts to Trademark the ‘Too Sweet’ symbol to block Bullet Club from using it.
  • Y2AJ split as Chris Jericho turns on AJ Styles.
  • Looking back at WWE Fastlane PPV (2017).
  • Audio: Kevin Owens defends the Universal Title against Goldberg.
  • Austin Aries makes his WWE 205 Live in ring debut.
  • And so much more!

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