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The Don Tony Show 11/20/21: WWE Ends DVD/Blu Ray Home Video | Shawn Michaels Talks NXT 2.0 | 2021 Blackhearts Year End Awards!

Running Time: 2 Hours 23 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

Topics Discussed: The Don Tony Show brought to you by Blue Wire (www.bluewirepods.com) streamed on Sat 12/4/21. After learning that WWE has ended their DVD/Blu-Ray home video releases, we had a blast reminiscing from years past: The anticipation of a WWE DVD release. Landing your favorite video game on release day. Plus, DT and our live audience shared some of our all time Wrestling DVD releases. What is your all time favorite wrestling VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray?

The 2021 Blackhearts Year End Awards returns! The Buried Alive Award. Jabroni Of The Year. Comfort Inn Award. Newbie Award. Lots of the traditional categories are back. And you can help DT choose some new and categories. As an added treat, we stepped back in time to 2006 and checked out the Blackhearts Year End Awards for ’06. Quite a bit has changed in fifteen years. However, you will be surprised how much has NOT changed.

Additional topics discussed on this episode: Shawn Michaels discusses NXT 2.0 focusing on building stars of tomorrow. And the ‘WWE Is Erasing Triple H’s Legacy Club’ are quite triggered over HBK’s comments.. “The Defense Of Adam Cole’ continues.. DT on why XPW has no shot in surviving in 2022 unless one major change is made.. Beth Phoenix returning to the wrestling ring?.. AEW signs Tony Nese.. The latest AEW vs WWE tribalism: Comparing SmackDown and Rampage’ in ring wrestling time without factoring in storylines.. WWE Raw 12/6/21 preview and much more. Enjoy this episode. This one was especially fun to stream with everyone live.

WWE Smackdown Results (12/3/2021):

  • Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler
  • Los Lotharios def Viking Raiders
  • King Woods def Jey Uso by DQ
  • Sheamus def Cesaro
  • Roman Reigns (c) def Sami Zayn (Universal Championship)

AEW Rampage Results (12/3/21):

  • Sammy Guverra (c) def Tony Nese (TNT Title Match)
  • Jade Gargill defeated Janai Kai
  • FTR def PAC and Penta El Zero

Pro Wrestling Weekly Ratings (as of 12/4/21):

  • Impact Wrestling 11/25/21: 96K (+100%)
  • AEW Dynamite 11/24/21: 861K (-4.1%)
  • NXT 2.0 11/30/21: 637K (+1.9%)
  • WWE Raw 11/29/21: 1,679,000 (-1.1%)
  • AEW Rampage 11/26/21: 431K (-22.5%)
  • WWE SmackDown 11/26/21: 2,149,000 (+4.1%)
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