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TWIWH S2 E13 (03/26 – 04/01) This Week In Wrestling History

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 54 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E13 (03/26 – 04/01)

  • WWWF ‘Gets The W Out’. World Wide Wrestling Federation becomes the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan speaks on WrestleMania I main event and behind the scenes problems involving Mr T.
  • Looking back at WrestleMania 1 (1985), III (1987), IV (1988), VI (1990), XII (1996), XIV (1998), XV (1999), X-Seven (2001), XIX (2003), 23 (2007), XXIV (2008), XXVI (2010), XXVIII (2012), 31 (2015).
  • Audio: Andre The Giant, Ted Dibiase, and Virgil appear on CBS This Morning (1988).
  • Looking back at NWA Clash Of The Champions (1988).
  • Bonus Audio: WrestleMania contract signing between Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.
  • Memorable WWF and Super World Of Sports (Japan) co-promoted WrestleFest event (1991).
  • Legendary Women’s match between Manami Toyota and Aja Kong for WWWA World Singles Championship.
  • Mankind (Mick Foley) makes WWF in ring debut.
  • Rocky ‘The Rock’ Maivia vs Bret Hart.
  • Audio: Sean Waltman makes surprise return to WWF and joins D-Generation X.
  • Audio: The Rock becomes the leader of the Nation Of Domination.
  • Audio: New Age Outlaws win WWF Tag Team Titles (def Cactus Jack and Terry Funk) and join D-Generation X.
  • Audio: Chris Jericho: Man Of 1004 Holds.
  • Audio: Memorable moment on Nitro: Bret Hart’s returns to Canada, challenges Goldberg and reveals an interesting counter to the spear.
  • Wrestlecrap is created.
  • Audio: Texas Tornado match: Sting and Vampiro battle Lex Luger and Ric Flair battle from the ring to a hotel pool and even a pin in the ocean on the beach.
  • The Monday Night Wars End: WCW airs it’s last ever episode of Monday Nitro.
  • Audio: Eric Bischoff and Steve Austin talk about the finals days of WCW.
  • Audio: Memorable backstage promo featuring Hollywood Hogan, The Rock, and Kane.
  • Audio: Hollywood Hogan, The Rock, Kane vs NWO.
  • Playboy Magazine featuring Torrie Wilson hits stores.
  • Audio: Sean O’Haire ‘Devil’s Advocate’ promos begin.
  • Audio: Goldberg makes WWF debut and spears The Rock.
  • Steve Austin announces his retirement from the ring.
  • WWE releases Joey Mercury.
  • WWE pays tribute to Ric Flair on Raw following his WrestleMania retirement match.
  • TNA presents first ever live episode of Impact.
  • WWE wrestler Robbie McAllister shown in crowd during live episode of Impact.
  • Tazz leaves WWE.
  • Audio: Bob Uecker WWE Hall Of Fame Speech.
  • WWE releases Fit Finlay after incident involving The Miz interrupting Star Spangled Banner during house show event.
  • Matt Bloom aka A-Train returns to WWE as Lord Tensai.
  • WWE pulls Randy Orton from starring in The Marine: Homefront movie.
  • GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Documentary DVD goes on sale.
  • Batista finds himself in bizzaro-land during Yes Movement.
  • AJ Lee wrestles last ever WWE match.
  • Audio: Batista forsees his WrestleMania match against Triple H.
  • Neville and Lucha Dragons makes WWE main roster debuts.
  • WWE announces Womens Title to replace Divas Title following WrestleMania 32.
  • Looking back at NXT Takeover: Dallas (2016).
  • Audio: Eva Marie makes WWE return to a chorus of boos on Raw and WWE is baffled.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Curt Hennig, Kurt Von Poppenheim, Mighty Atlas, Umaga, Donn Lewin, Dick Woehrle, Missouri Mauler, Emil Dusek, Cowboy Luttrall, SD Jones, Tony Garibaldi, Brickhouse Brown, Swede Hanson, John Swenski, Tony Olivas, Braulio Mendoza, Dick Huffman, Mighty Zorro, Sammy Stein, Gordon Nelson, Jerry Bryant, George Cannon, Betty Clark, Bruno Victoria, Mike Hall (RIP), Oskar Müller 93, Kenny Jay 82, Ronnie Garvin 74, Tony St. Clair 72, Asataro Sano 71, Centurión Negro 69, Klaus Wallas 66, Danny Davis 63, Mike Rotunda 61, Michael P.S. Hayes 60, Phantom Funakoshi 59, Octagón 58, The Warlord 57, Green Demon 56, Kenta Kobashi, Yoji Anjo, Ruckus, and Sangre Guerrera 52, Naoya Ogawa 51, Bobby Collins 49, Nitro Girl AC Jazz 48, Charlie Haas 47, Tomko, Rory McAllister and Naoki Matsushita 43, Sylvain Grenier and Allison Danger 42, Crazy Boy and Demon Rocker 41, Disturbio, Monster Truck #1, Monster Truck #2, Goldy Locks and James Claxton 40, Randy Orton, Nick Mondo, Scott Savage and Satoru Makita 39, Maxxx Testosterone, Jessy Jones and Ai Shimizu 38, Dixie 37, Zach Gowen, Juken and Mike Mondo 36, Kim Nam Seok and Donny Idol 34, Mustafa Ali, El Espanto Jr. and SoCal Val 33, Trent Barreta 32, Mikey Jay, Shigehiro Irie, Nikki Addams, Justin Mane and Bobby Fonta 31, Jesse Sorensen, La Magnifica and Aoi Kizuki 30, Sara 29, Jungle Kyona, Brittany Blake, Dover and Dragoncito de Oro 28, Ángel Suicida and Austin Tyler Morris 26, J Prodigy, Latin Queen and Paige VanZant 25, Miedo Extremo and Tsugataka Sato 24, Jun Tonsho 20, Hiragi Kurumi 19, Natsumi 16

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Pogo The Clown (1995), Sable and Prince Iaukea (1996), Daizee Haze (2002), Pac (2004), Will Ospreay (2012), Renee Young (2013)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Abe Coleman 101, Herb Welch 91, Big Boy Cronin 90, Red Shoes Dugan and Jack Moore 89, Lou Newman and Colin Whitehead 87, Rolando Vera 86, Walter Roxy 85, Carl Engstrom 84, Pat O’Dowdy 83, Hurricane Smith 82, Roy McClarity 79, George Harben 76, Akim Manuka 75, Dardo Aguilar 74, Flama Azul 73, Little Brutus 72, Jean-Louis Roy 71, Rudy Navarro 70, Pat Flanagan 68, Roy Lumpkin and Clete Kaufman 67, Jim Crockett Sr 63, Stu Gibson and Ron Slinker 62, Sammy Stein 60, Benny McGuire 54, El Dinámico #1 51, Tom Burton 48, Jack Garofano 43, Terry McGinnis 41, Kris Travis 32, Reid Flair 25, Stinky the Homeless Guy 23

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