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EP#66 Breakfast Soup 12/26/2018 (Patreon Free For All)


RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 57 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony and Missionary

Breakfast Soup is a Podcast available exclusively for our Patreon subscribers. Many of you have wanted to check out an episode of Breakfast Soup before subscribing to our Patreon. So with the permission from our Patreon family, here you go! We hope after enjoying some Breakfast Soup, you’ll sign up for our Patreon. Your Patronage helps us pay the bills and keep DTKC Show, BwB, TWIWH and more free for everyone!

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  • ‘Keep Or Fire?’ featuring the entire WWE Raw and Smackdown Womens Roster.
  • Billy Corgan may not the only promotion with a ’20 Year Plan’.
  • DT and Mish debate if pro wrestling needs more larger than life stars and less of those who could pass as Starbucks employees.
  • DT and Mish debate: Should and would WWE ever bring back Enzo Amore?
  • DTKC and Mish to debut new live Patreon show every Tuesday night following WWE Smackdown (starts January 8, 2019).
  • Becky Lynch is one of the most popular stars on WWE roster (male and female). Has she brought in new and returning wrestling fans? Or have existing fans just redirected their support her way?
  • More on how the WWE Mixed Match Challenge mirrors the current climate on Social Media.
  • With the Womens Tag Team Titles coming, there are too many belts to even fit on a PPV.
  • DT and Mish predict a Womens only WWE show is coming. DT dares WWE to test the waters with women’s wrestling in two specific ways.
  • Ever wonder what Tamina Snuka says in front of a hotel room mirror?
  • Even if he’s found completely innocent of sending photos to a teenager, there’s one obstacle James Ellsworth will never likely overcome for a WWE return.
  • DT / Mish considering doing a Goodfellas ‘Watch Along’.
  • Patron Cafe and Pie: Mmmmmmmmm!
  • Growing Up Don Tony, December 18, 1986: Johnnie Walker Red, SFP and Q88 Special.
  • Fu** Carlton Banks (Fresh Prince) and the Backpack Kid lawsuits against Fortnite.
  • NY Knicks Mark Jackson 1990/1991 Hoops card goes viral due to discovery of infamous murderers Menendez Brothers shown sitting ringside. Ebay pulls the card but allowed murderer Henry Hill to sell his artwork.
  • Looking back at some of The Rock’s legendary feuds.
  • DT and Mish discuss some of the best Christmas gifts ever given.
  • DT predicts that Finn Balor will be the Universal or WWE Champion before the end of 2019.
  • Freddy Krueger: Horror Film’s #1 Babyface Killer?
  • Remembering Susie Spirit, Sid Vicious, Terry Funk, Sabu, and some of the other most grotesque wrestling injuries. 
  • Plus Patreon questions, favorite songs of The Doors, comparing current wrestlers to the stars of yesteryear, and lots more! 

Remember, BREAKFAST SOUP is much more than just wrestling talk. Check it out and you’ll see why our Patreon family so heavily praises ‘Breakfast Soup’. You don’t know what you’re missing. 🙂

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Just a reminder that Breakfast Soup is a one of several shows available exclusively for our Patreon subscribers. Many of you have wanted to check out an episode of Breakfast Soup before subscribing to our Patreon. So with the permission from our Patreon family, here you go!

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