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TWIWH Episode 49 (12/04 – 12/10) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 38 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 49 (12/04 – 12/10)

  • Terry Funk makes his pro wrestling debut (1965). DT researches and clears up inaccuracies previously reported about his debut match.
  • Bruno Sammartino def Stan Stasiak to win WWWF Championship.
  • Terry Funk def Jack Brisco to win NWA Heavyweight Championship.
  • Legendary December feuds of The Funks vs Abdullah The Butcher and The Shiek.
  • Antonio Inoki vacates WWWF Heavyweight Championship after rematch against Bob Backlund ends in a no contest.
  • Audio: After Grand Wizard ‘sells’ his contract for $100,000, Pat Patterson ‘turns’ and is attacked by Captain Lou Albano and Wild Samoans (1979).
  • Cowboy Ron Bass loses a Hair vs Hair match against Brutus Beefcake at SNME.
  • Looking back at Clash Of The Champions IV: Season’s Beatings (1988).
  • Audio: Jack Tunney strips Hulk Hogan of WWE Championship and announces Royal Rumble will determine the new champion.
  • Gorilla Monsoon fires Bobby Heenan on Raw.
  • Audio: Bobby Heenan speaks on Gorilla Monsoon.
  • Audio: Steve Austin vs Mikey Whipwreck vs Sandman: Three Way Dance for ECW Heavyweight Title.
  • Looking back at ECW December To Dismember (1995) and Holiday Hell (1996).
  • Looking back at In Your House: D-Generation X PPV (1997).
  • D-X play strip poker at ringside and HBK makes an obscene gesture with his penis.
  • Audio: Taka Michinoku calls Jerry Lawler a jackass, and is then attacked by ‘El Unico’.
  • Audio: Steve Austin forfeits IC Title to The Rock, then takes the belt hostage.
  • Ian Rotten and Corporal Robinson memorable battle from IWA Mid-South. Memorable for all the wrong reasons.
  • Audio: Undertaker ‘crucifies’ Steve Austin on Raw and USA Network along with religious groups are not happy.
  • Looking back at WWF UK Exclusive PPV: Capital Carnage.
  • Audio: WWF debuts Attitude Cologne for men and women.
  • The night Vince McMahon took the finishers of all the main event names on roster.
  • Audio: Memorable Raw Promo (2000) of The Rock making fun of Kurt Angle, Rikishi, Undertaker, HHH, and Steve Austin.
  • Audio: TNA at WWF NY. TNA! TNA! TNA!
  • Audio: The Rock ‘ends’ Vince McMahon ‘Kiss My Ass Club’.
  • Looking back at WWF Vengeance PPV (2001).
  • Audio: Chris Jericho becomes WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Champion def The Rock and Steve Austin.
  • Audio: Percy Pringle III aka Paul Bearer (RIP) makes his TNA debut.
  • Looking back at World Wrestling All-Stars ‘The Retribution’ PPV from Scotland.
  • Audio: Attitude women made lots of history too. Lita def Trish Stratus in Raw main event cage match to win Womens Title.
  • DT clears up misconceptions that Lita broke her neck during this match.
  • Looking back at TNA Turning Point PPV (2004).
  • Audio: The Trial Of Eric Bischoff.
  • Ric Flair arrested for Road Rage Incident.
  • Audio: WWE mocks Ric Flair arrest which included first ever ‘Cutting Edge’ segment. Great exchange between Edge and Michael PS Hayes.
  • Stacy Keibler announced for upcoming Dancing With The Stars.
  • Paul Heyman leaves WWE and Big Show wrestles last match before leaving WWE for a boxing career (2006).
  • Looking back at WWE Tribute To The Troops: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2015
  • Audio: 15 Men Battle Royal from 15th Anniversary of Raw.
  • Looking back at WWE Slammy Awards: 2008, 2013, 2014 
  • Ron Killings leaves TNA after six year career.
  • Victoria announces her retirement from WWE and pro wrestling – just to emerge in TNA five months later.
  • TNA announces a special prime time airing of Impact (Jan 4), which goes up head to head against WWE Raw.
  • DT looks back at the Raw vs Impact ratings from Jan 4, 2010.
  • Looking back at TNA Final Resolution PPV from 2010 which included infamous match between Jeff Hardy and Matt Morgan.
  • Dennis Rodman wins Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.
  • Remembering the 2013 Raw which scored one of the lowest ratings ever (at that time).
  • CM Punk poops his pants during Smackdown match against Dean Ambrose.
  • Audio: CM Punk speaks on pooping his pants, Japan and during a marathon.
  • AJ Styles wrestles his last ever match with TNA Wrestling.
  • Audio: CM Punk speaks on signing multi fight deal with UFC.
  • Audio: Jake The Snake Roberts wants to sleep with Bray Wyatt.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Nick Bockwinkel, Ravishing Rick Rude, Dynamite Kid, Wee Willie Davis, Tarzan Tyler, Percy Hall, Dennis Stamp, Kato Kung Lee, Steve Bradley, Steve Doll, Hugh Nichols, Ken Hollis, Súper Pinocho, Bruiser Bedlam, Tarzan White, Chris Tolos, Skull Murphy, Hack Myers, Cliff Olson, Tom Drake, Joe Turner, Katsuhisa Shibata, Billy and Benny McGuire, Steve Casey, Sugi Sito (RIP), Adrian Street 78, Masao Ito 70, Larry Zbyszko 67, Gama Singh 64, Reverend Slick 61, Javier Cruz 60, Paramédico 56, Toshiaki Kawada 55, Chigusa Nagayo and Mr. Hughes 54, Satoshi Ogawa and El Olímpico 53, Kurt Angle, Michael Cole, El Mephisto, Violencia and Mike Howell 50, Dynamite Kansai 49, Sylvester Terkay, Ryo Miyake and El Veneno 48, El Oriental 47, Tammy Lynn Sytch and Joe Rules 46, Wolfie D 45, Kentaro Shiga 44, Jerrelle Clark, Espíritu, Tomohiro Ishii and Brittany Diamond 43, Crazy Demon 42, Mr. Águila and Lizzy Borden 41, Matt Bentley 39, Viktor 38, Hikaru and Sam Shields 37, Jimmy Rave and Evan Gelistico 36, Barbara Roja 35, Brooke Tessmacher and JTG 34, Dean Ambrose 33, Enzo Amore 32, ACH 31, Hiromu Takahashi 29, El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr 27, Takato Nakano 24

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Terry Funk (1965), Ric Flair (1972), Matt Borne (1978), Daffney (1999)

NOTABLE DEATHS: John Swenski 90, Larry ‘The Ax’ Hennig and Mike Mazurki 82, Mario Milano 81, Frank Hickey 78, Gino Garibaldi 77, Bill Longson 76, Earl McCready 75, Jack Witzig 74, Curtis Iaukea 73, Tex Porter 71, Mike Boyette and Joe Pazandak 69, Johnny Gilbert 65, Little Beaver 61, Dynamite Kid 60, Tom Zenk and Skip Young 59, Betty Jo Hawkins 57, Haystacks Calhoun 55, Jimmy Del Ray 52, Gus Johnson 50, Hack Myers 42, Jerry Tuite and Umaga 36, Spyral 26

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