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TWIWH Episode 44 (10/30 – 11/05) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 44 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 44 (10/30 – 11/05)

  • WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event / Halloween 1985: Funk vs Dog, Hulk/Andre vs Bundy/Studd, Savage vs Santana, Steamboat vs Fuji, Costume Party, Pipers Pit with The Hillbillies, Hennan Pumpkin Bobbin, Land of 1000 Dances,  Halloween at Piper Home, and more.
  • Cult classic ‘They Live’ starring Roddy Piper is released in movie theatres.
  • Audio: Roddy Piper looks back at the filming of ‘They Live’.
  • Brainbusters WWF run comes to an abrupt end.
  • Audio: Brainbusters lose WWF Tag Team Titles to Demolition on TV, then tape their final match losing to The Rockers.
  • The Rockers def Hart Foundation for WWF Tag Titles, but is nullified due to a broken ring rope (and lots more).
  • Bonus Audio: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts slaps Miss Elizabeth plus interviews with Jake and Macho Man.
  • Matt Hardy makes another appearance on WCW Amateur Challenge.
  • Audio: Hollywood Blondes officially split as a tag team.
  • Looking back at ECW November To Remember 1994, a ‘blind’ Sandman, and Chris Benoit breaking Sabu’s neck.
  • Infamous Michinoku Pro No Rope Barbed Wire Exploding Landmine Double Hell Death Match: Great Sasuke vs Atsushi Onita.
  • Audio: Steve Austin’s two ECW skits of “Monday Nyquil: Where The Big Boys Play – With Each Other’.
  • Audio: Steve Austin promo prior to Mikey Whipwreck def Sandman (Ladder Match) for ECW Heavyweight Title.
  • The Dudleys have a new member: Bubba Ray Dudley.
  • Goldust makes his WWF Raw debut.
  • Audio: Ahmed Johnson makes memorable WWF debut, bodyslamming Yokozuna.
  • Sabu wrestles his last WCW match.
  • Rocky Maivia makes his WWF TV debut.
  • Audio: Kurt Angle appears in ECW and guest commentates match (1996).
  • Audio: Taz ECW promo on heat with Sabu.
  • Audio: Pillman’s Got A Gun (need we say more).
  • Bret Hart officially signs with WCW.
  • Perry Saturn makes WCW in ring debut and wins Gold.
  • J-Crown is officially retired after WWF takes back Light Heavyweight Championship.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon gives Mankind a present: The WWF Hardcore Championship.
  • Looking back at ECW November To Remember 1998, 2000.
  • WWF debuts Super Astros.
  • Jesse Ventura is elected Governor of Minnesota.
  • John Cena makes his pro wrestling debut for UWF Promotion.
  • WWF settles wrongful death lawsuit with the Hart family.
  • Audio: Incident between Kurt Angle and Daniel Puder from Smackdown.
  • Bonus Audio: Al Snow and Kurt Angle interviews on Daniel Puder incident.
  • Christian leaves WWE and ultimately signs with TNA Wrestling.
  • Bonus Audio: Christian explains why he left WWF and signed with TNA Wrestling.
  • Steve Austin walks out of WWE after learning about Taboo Tuesday match outcome against Jonathan Coachman.
  • Vader and Goldust make surprise WWE return.
  • Looking back at WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 and Cyber Sunday 2006.
  • Audio: Three Faces Of Foley returns and targets Carlito.
  • WWE releases Brooke Adams and Psicosis.
  • Rikishi leaves TNA due to a contractual dispute.
  • WWE announces all Wellness Policy Violations would be made public, then immediately suspends Chris Masters and Harry Smith.
  • Linda McMahon loses 2010 CT Senate bid to Richard Blumenthal.
  • Audio: TNA launches Anti-Bullying Campaign and website: ‘Eliminate The Hate’. Neither the campaign and website exist today.
  • Audio: The Muppets invade Monday Night Raw.
  • WWE ’13 Video Game is released in North America.
  • Bonus Audio: WWE ’13 Commercial featuring CM Punk.
  • Y2J debuts web comedy series, ‘But I’m Chris Jericho’.
  • Poor PPV buyrates and negative comments by Vince McMahon to investors spells trouble for Daniel Bryan’s headlining events.
  • TNA ends relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling.
  • WWE Network exclusive as Rusev def Sheamus for US TItle.
  • Ronda Rousey tells Rolling Stone (2015) she’s ready for WWE.
  • Seth Rollins suffers serious knee injury during a match against Kane in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Looking back at WWE Hell In A Cell Event 2016.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Bobby Heenan, Frank Sexton, George McKay, Buck Weaver and Kotetsu Yamamoto (RIP), Tanji Hasegawa 83, Kanji Kitazawa 76, Michael Buffer 74, Roadblock 66, The Boogeyman 54, Koji Kanemoto 52, Fabulous Fabio 51, Alex Porteau 49, Dawn Marie 48, Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman and Yuki Nishino 46, Edge and Cody Hawk 45, Zumbido, Mr. Tempest and Tiger Shark 44, Sangre Azteca 43, Tyler Reks and Manabu Inoue 40, Chance Prophet and Cassandra 39, Shinya Ishikawa 36, Darren Young 35, Larry Dallas 34, Alexander Wolfe 32, Samir Singh, Cameron and Sienna 31, Andrade Cien Almas 29

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: John Cena (1999), Jack Gallagher (2006), Alex Riley (2007)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Bob Geigel 90, Rocky Tamayo 86, Édouard Carpentier 84, Joe Dusek 81, Huracán Ramírez 80, Sputnik Monroe 77, Doug Gilbert 76, Tokyo Joe 75, Hans Schwartz Jr. 74, Septiembre Negro 73, Hogan Wharton, Tom Renesto and Moose Cholak 72, Jerry Meeker 71, Chief Thundercloud 69, Beau Brummell 65, Evan The Strangler Lewis 59, Roland Alexander and Sammy Hall 59, Gene Anderson 58, Ushinosuke Hayashi and Little Boy Blue 57, Gene Anderson 52, Brad Armstrong 51, Bobo Bronson 45, Scott E. Bazso 39, Adam Firestorm 32, Rick McGraw and  Joe Costello 30

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