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TWIWH Episode 21 (05/22 – 05/28) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 21 (05/22 – 05/28)

  • Harley Race def Dory Funk Jr for the NWA World Heavyweight Title and ends Funk’s reign at 1,563 Days.
  • Masked Superstar #2 loses a Mask vs Hair match against Blackjack Mulligan and is revealed to be Big John Studd.
  • Ace of Spades loses mask vs hair match against Stagger Lee and is revealed to be Tommy Gilbert.
  • Ric Flair defeats Kerry Von Erich 2-1 in best 2/3 falls match to regain NWA World Heavyweight Title.
  • Audio: Oprah Winfrey and AM Chicago invade WWF Event and has an interesting exchange with Hulk Hogan.
  • Manny Fernandez and Ravishing Rick Rude stripped of NWA World Tag Titles and awarded to Rock n Roll Express.
  • Audio: Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Iron Shiek arrested in NJ for Drug Possession.
  • Lex Luger’s def Michael PS Hayes for NWA US Title and begins 523 day run as Champion.
  • Scott Hall makes his WCW debut as The Diamond Studd.
  • WWF fires Bruce Pritchard.
  • Brian Lee def Paul Orndorff by DQ to become first ever SMW Heavyweight Champion.
  • Vince McMahon resigns as President Of Titan Sports, remains as CEO for company. Linda takes over as President.
  • Former WWF Ringboy files $1.6 Million lawsuit against Titan Sports, Pat Patterson, Mel Phillips, and Terry Garvin.
  • Sid Vicious returns to WCW after quitting WWF.
  • Memorable indy match amongst tape traders: Al Snow vs Sabu.
  • Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Savio Vega make WWF Debuts.
  • Brian Lee makes debut as ‘The Undertaker’ managed by Ted Dibiase.
  • Spider #1 and Spider #2 (The Headbangers) lose mask vs hair match against John Kronus and Perry Saturn.
  • Looking back at WCW Slamboree 1994.
  • Hunter Hearst Helmsley makes Raw debut.
  • Audio: Scott Hall invades Monday Nitro and starts a ‘war’ against WCW.
  • Audio: Flex Kavana (Dwayne Johnson/The Rock) makes his USWA debut.
  • Transmission Problems during WWF In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog event.
  • New York Times article on Mike Tyson lawsuit against Don King which includes $$ paid for WWF appearances.
  • Darron Drosdov makes WWE debut as Droz.
  • WWF holds training camp featuring wrestlers including Vampire Warrior (Gangrel), Andrew Martin (Test), Vic Grimes, Tiger Ali Singh, Erin O’Grady, and others.
  • Audio: Commercial for upcoming NBC TV movie on Jesse Ventura.
  • Trial of New Jack for assault against Eric Kulas ends in Not Guilty.
  • Audio: Looking back at the tragic death of Owen Hart, Raw Tribute, Funeral, and the Larry King Live interview with Martha and Bret Hart.
  • Audio: Curt Hennig expresses his disdain for rap music.
  • Daffney wins WCW Cruiserweight Title.
  • Jealousy in WCW Women’s locker room leads to false drug accusations made against Tammy Sytch.
  • Audio: Nothing finer than a 69’er with Scott Steiner.
  • Juventud Guerrera sentenced in PA DUI arrest.
  • Brian Lawler arrested for drug possession and released by WWF.
  • Chris Benoit suffers serious neck injury on Raw.
  • Funny story involving former ECW valet Francine, Ebay, and a long time DTKC Show listener.
  • WWE debuts Confidential and Velocity.
  • Chikara Pro Wrestling debuts with a memorable main event.
  • NWA ‘strips’ Dan Severn of Heavyweight Championship.
  • NWATNA signs Don West. DT shares some stories involving Don West from his ‘Shop At Home’ days.
  • World Wrestling All-Stars tapes their final event, The Reckoning.
  • Funny story involving WWE.com, Divas Search, and XXX stars.
  • UPN airs special on Eddie Guerrero.
  • Kenzo Suzuki makes his main roster debut.
  • Brock Lesnar upsets children and pisses off fans at Minnesota Vikings training camp.
  • The Three Faces Of Kevin Lawler: Looking back at his multiple arrests for burglary and more.
  • Nicole Bass arrested for assaulting husband.
  • Audio: Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman, and Vince McMahon hype ECW One Night Stand.
  • TNA cancels all Impact tapings as TV deal with Fox Sports Net is non-renewed.
  • JBL announces his first retirement from in ring competition.
  • Abdullah The Butcher and Hannibal get bloody at Bad News Allen Tribute Show.
  • Vince McMahon and John Cena make surprise appearance at Chaotic Wrestling Indy Wrestling Event and raise $$$ for charity.
  • CM Punk shaves his head following loss to Rey Mysterio.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon announces ‘McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania’.
  • ‘Lakers vs Nuggets’ edition of Monday Night Raw.
  • Mr Kennedy wrestles last ever match for WWE.
  • Sting becomes the leader of Main Event Mafia.
  • Audio: Bret Hart becomes new Raw GM and Batista quits WWE.
  • Brock Lesnar releases Autobiography ‘Death Clutch’.
  • WWE suspends Chris Jericho 30 days for denigrating Brazilian flag at Sao Paulo event.
  • WWE signs Kalisto.
  • Sami Zayn undergoes shoulder surgery.
  • Destination America signs deal with Ring Of Honor, and announces ROH / Impact to air back to back weekly.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Super Parka (1976), Original Tiger Mask (1976), Al Snow (1982), Akira Hokuto (1985), Hallowicked (2002), Icarus (2002), UltraMantis (2002), Mr Zero (2002), Alex Koslov (2003), Tetsuya Naito (2006)

NOTABLE DEATHS: James Dudley 94, Hans Schmidt 87, John Tolos 76, Frankie Laine 73, Chief White Owl 72, Buck Robley 71, Vincent J McMahon Sr 69, Bull Ramos 68, Rudy Kay 65, Johnny Rougeau 53, Mammoth Suzuki 50, Billy Hines 48, Hector Garza 43, Ray Candy 42, Owen Hart 34, DJ Peterson 33, Jack Donovan 30, Brian Ong 27, Spider 22

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Don Curtis, Jess McMahon, Brian Pillman, Mick McManus, Donna Christianello, Buddy Wayne (RIP), Kamala 68, Super Parka 62, Dark Journey 61, Eric Bischoff and Barry Orton 60, Kelly Kiniski 58, Hiro Saito 57, Scott Putski, Tinieblas Jr, and Misterioso 52, Selena Majors 51, Simon Diamond 50, Halloween and Headbanger Mosh 47, Tomino 46, Traci Brooks, Ricky Banderas, and Super Dragon 43, Alberto El Patron and Jeremy Borash 41, Elijah Burke and Daniel Rodimer 40, Ashley Massaro 39, Daniel Bryan and El Fantasma Jr 37, Natalya 36, Alex Shelley 35, CJ O’Doyle 34, Roman Reigns 33, Seth Rollins 32, Bray Wyatt and Shota Nakagawa 31, Santana Garrett 30, Bo Dallas 28

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