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TWIWH Episode 10 (03/06 – 03/12) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hr 27 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 10 (03/06 – 03/12)
NJPW debuts.. Audio: Bruno Sammartino and Larry Zbyszko intensify their feud.. Audio: Pat Patterson takes Sgt Slaughter’s Cobra Clutch Challenge..Homicide, Rhyno, Hideo Itami, and Muhammad Hassan make pro wrestling debuts.. ECW holds first ever Philly TV taping.. Mick Foley tears his ear during match against Vader in Germany.. USWA Memphis Memories.. Marc Mero wrestles last WCW match.. Steiners make surprise return to WCW.. Mark Henry and Kurt Angle make WWE TV debuts.. Audio: Cactus Jack bids farewell to ECW.. Diesel finds ‘himself’ inside a casket on Raw.. Scheme Gene announces The Huckster vs Nacho Man at WM12.. First episode of Raw with Vince Russo as head writer.. Infamous Nitro episode featuring no matches during first hour.. ‘The Danbury Fall’ Vic Grimes and New Jack suffer serious injuries at ECW Living Dangerously PPV.. Paul Heyman debuts as Raw commentator.. Bubba Ray superbombs Mae Young thru table.. AJ Styles wrestles on Nitro.. Audio: Vince McMahon makes Trish Stratus bark like a dog.. First and last time Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin involved in a WWE match together.. Audio: Stephanie and Triple H fight for custody of Lucy (the dog), who is later run over by a Limo on Raw.. How the world has changed since the last time The Rock lost a WWE non PPV match.. Kurt and Eric Angle ‘team up’ to give Brock Lesnar first ever TV defeat.. Audio: This Is Your Life: Mick Foley.. WWE releases entire Smackdown Juniors Division.. Scott Steiner makes TNA debut.. Audio: Edge refuses to wrestle in bigoted states.. WWE suspends Jeff Hardy 60 Days (2nd Wellness Violation).. JBL wins last title and becomes Grand Slam Champion.. XPW Rob Black pleads guilty in Federal Court.. Ken Shamrock suspended a year by CA SAC after testing positive for steroids.. TNA and AAA announce working agreement.. Raw vs Impact: Monday Night Wars II begins.. Audio: RVD makes TNA debut and defeats Sting in 10 seconds.. Snooki announced as Raw guest host.. Audio: Brian Kendrick pops up on Price Is Right.. Jerry Lynn announces retirement date.. HBK to referee Triple H vs Undertaker HIAC at WM28.. Audio: John Cena Thuganomics Promo and The Rock Concert (Cleveland Rocks) from 2012.. Bully Ray joins Aces And Eights.. Audio: Daniel Bryan ‘Occupies’ Raw.. Bill DeMott resigns as head trainer for WWE Performance Center.. Opening testimony begins in Hulk Hogan vs Gawker lawsuit.. Chris Jericho turns on AJ Styles.. Goldberg defeats Kevin Owens for Universal Title.. Bayley ends Charlotte’s undefeated PPV streak.. Austin Aries makes in ring debut on 205 Live.. and so much more!

NOTABLE DEATHS: Lord James Blears 92, Tony Nero 85, Dick Woehrle 81, Don Curtis 80, Paul Boesch 76, Ray Stern 74, Rudy Valentino 73, Wild Bill Curry 71, Ernie Ladd, Jerry Valiant, and Outlaw Ron Bass 68, Eddie Creatchman 66, Bad News Brown 63, Paul Bearer 58, Johnny Rotten and Tony Graham 48, Hercules Hernandez 47, Dino Bravo 44, Texas Outlaw #1 39

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Mae Young, Orville Brown, Joe Savoldi, Tor Kamata, Beetlejuice, Dennis Caralluzzo, Charlie Fulton, Russ Haas RIP, Killer Khan and Chick Donovan 71, Pierroth 60, Nikita Koloff 59, Sgt Craig Pittman 58, Rick Steiner 57, Bruce Prichard and Rudy Boy Gonzalez 55, Robbie Brookside 52, Pitbull Gary Wolfe 51, Nobutaka Araya 50, Val Venis and Tiger Ali Singh 47, Major Gunns and Little Guido 46, Jonny Fairplay 44, Ken Anderson 42, Michael Tarver 41, Chad Dick 40, Nidia, David Flair, Kory Kinkade and Melina 39, Hideo Itami 37, Chad Gable 32, JoJo 24, Tyler Bate 21

NOTE FROM DT: If you have never experienced these retro shows before, tune into this one. Easily, the coolest week of wrestling history I’ve researched and covered to date. Over a dozen audio clips included as well as a few personal stories mixed in. This is my favorite (and longest) episode to date.

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