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Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E41 (10/8 – 10/14) Remastered! Original Broadcast: 10/10/2019

Back by Popular Demand! ‘This Week In Wrestling History’ hosted by Don Tony originally aired back in 2018-2019 and spanned two seasons. These retro episodes return remastered and will be posted every Tuesday at 4PM EST. These episodes are filled with hundreds of hours of original wrestling clips and stories. Whether experiencing these for the first time, or revisiting the episodes again, you will enjoy this ultimate deep dive into pro wrestling’s awesome history.

SYNOPSIS: S2 E41 (10/8 – 10/14)

  • Nick Bockwinkel begins his 501 day run as AWA Heavyweight Champion after def Otto Wanz.
  • Audio: Classic promos by Ric Flair and Fritz Von Erich over the $10,000 bounty placed on Kevin Von Erich.
  • Audio: Koko B Ware speaks on being fired by WWF after overseas fight with WWF Executive.
  • Audio: Bret Hart def Ric Flair and begins his first reign as WWF Champion.
  • Macho Man Randy Savage (managed by Vince McMahon) def Jerry Lawler for USWF Unified Heavyweight Title.
  • Important meeting between Steve Austin and WWF (1995) leads to a contract.
  • Audio: Cactus Jack vs El Puerto Ricano and the beatdown by Cactus and Raven to Tommy Dreamer.
  • Audio: Another classic Cactus Jack (w/ Raven) promo involving dreams of Tommy Dreamer going to WCW and lots more.
  • Bill Watts out after three weeks working for WWF Creative.
  • Infamous Club 37 fight (Syracuse, NY) involving Shawn Michaels and several Servicemen.
  • Audio: Cliq of HBK, HHH, Chyna, and Rick Rude finally get a name – Degeneration X.
  • Audio: Memorable WCW Nitro match: Sting and Warrior vs Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan.
  • Audio: Judy Bagwell stinks up Nitro, and Scott Steiner is not happy about it.
  • Steve Austin destroys Vince McMahon’s Corvette with cement.
  • Audio: The Rock gives The British Bulldog a Rockbottom onto dog sh**.
  • Audio: “Seven” is coming to WCW.
  • Looking back at the 1999 PPV disaster: Heroes Of Wrestling.
  • Audio: Rikishi admits running of Steve Austin, and did it for The Rock.
  • Steve Austin def Kurt Angle for WWF Heavyweight Title and makes history.
  • Audio: DDP says Angle losing isn’t a bad thing, but a good thing.
  • Brock Lesnar wins IWGP Championship in his NJPW debut.
  • Kurt Angle and John Cena exchange rap insults.
  • After Austin stunning the entire McMahon family the week before, Linda McMahon kicks Jim Ross in the nuts as the McMahons fire JR (again).
  • Audio: Mickie James makes her WWE debut.
  • Kurt Angle signs with TNA & debuts the following week immediately going after Samoa Joe.
  • Psichosis arrested after using toy gun to carjack CA resident.
  • The Marine (2003) starring John Cena hits movie theatres.
  • WWE releases Francine, Gunner Scott, Teddy Hart, and Lance Cade.
  • Drew McIntyre makes his WWE in ring debut.
  • Looking back at TNA Bound For Glory 2007.
  • Gail Kim becomes first TNA Knockouts Champion.
  • Dolph Ziggler suspended 30 days for WWE Wellness Violation.
  • Current TNA ‘wrestler’ Adam Pacman Jones suspended by NFL.
  • The Wrestler premieres at New York Film Festival.
  • Audio: Jillian Hall def Mickie James for Divas Championship, just to lose it minutes later to Melina.
  • 10/10/10: ‘Therrrrrrrre Herrrrrre!’
  • Audio: Jersey Shore J-Woww makes TNA debut.
  • Autopsy results reveal Lance Cade cause of death.
  • Freddie Prinze Jr signs deal to join WWE as a producer and director.
  • Audio: CM Punk does solo commentary for Cena/Shaemus Raw match following walkout by WWE staff due to Triple H providing unsafe working conditions.
  • Looking back at the PPV disaster: AWE Night Of Legends (2011).
  • Cody and Goldust def The Shield to win WWE Tag Team Champions.
  • Dolph Ziggler surprises WWE Universe and def Miz in a Career vs Title (IC Title) match.
  • Sasha Banks challenges Charlotte to HIAC match.
  • Audio: Paul Heyman puts Goldberg on notice after telling ESPN he’d challenge Brock Lesnar if returning to WWE.
  • Audio: AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth w/ Referee Dean Ambrose.
  • Kalisto dedicates match to Eddie Guerrero and def Enzo Amore for Cruiserweight Title.
  • The Shield triple powerbomb Braun Stroman thru the announcers table.
  • And so much more!

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