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TWIWH Episode 2 (01/08 – 01/14) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 96 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 2 (January 08-14) 1983-2018:
Andy Kaufman costs Jerry Lawler AWA Heavyweight Title (Audio).. WWF airs first Royal Rumble PPV.. Rick Rude / Ultimate Warrior Posedown.. Tatanka makes pro wrestling debut.. Final WCW event for Jim Ross.. Cactus Jack joins Sting.. The Rockers split and Marty Jannetty becomes an adjective.. First Ironman Match WWE History: Bret Hart vs Ric Flair.. Monday Night Raw debuts with Damien Demento tidbit.. Rob Bartlett sucks.. IWA Bloodbath: Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk (Audio Promo).. Triple H gives Michael Cole a wet willie.. WWE inks deal with Mike Tyson.. Mark Henry joins NOD.. ECW House Party 98.. Taz wins ECW Heavyweight Title.. Vince trains for Royal Rumble.. Gillberg makes WWE debut and loses.. Chyna wins the Corporate Royal Rumble.. Jeff Jarrett loses to George Steele, Jimmy Snuka, and Tito Santana on Nitro.. Audio: Mick Foley challenges NAO to a Brutal Bowl.. ECW (original) holds last ever event.. Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media Ventures announce intent to purchase WCW.. Sid Vicious breaks leg at WCW Sin and airs multiple replays on Nitro.. Goldberg wrestles last WCW match.. Bret Hart wrestles last match before retiring.. Brooklyn Brawler wins a title?.. John Cena makes Paul Heyman eat Ivory Soap.. Shelton Benjamin def Maven in five seconds.. WWE holds PPV in Puerto Rico.. Christy Hemme vs Maria Kanellis: Lingerie Pillow Fight.. Batista surrenders World Heavyweight Title due to injury.. Boogeyman bites mole off Jillian Hall’s face.. Randy Orton wins title for Booker T… Edge and Lita have live sex celebration on Raw.. Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle Ironman Match.. Raw def Westminster Dog Show.. Mini Royal Rumble.. WWE mass layoff from 2009.. Jeff Hardy / Smackdown pyro accident.. Victoria wrestles last WWE match.. Y2J and Mike Tyson vs D-X on Raw.. Lots of Hall Of Fame annoucements.. Matt Hardy (cornrows and all) makes TNA debut.. Brodus Clay debuts on Raw.. RVD vs Jerry Lynn, one last time.. Primo and Epico win WWE Tag Titles at House Show.. TNA lawsuit against WWE dropped.. Was Mr Mystery: Brian Wittenstein?.. Audio: CM Punk and The Rock go at it on Raw for 25 Minutes (on the mic) and Superstar Billy Graham wasn’t happy about it.. Daniel Bryan breaks free from Wyatt Family.. Randy Orton attacks John Cena Sr.. Audio: Chris Jericho calls Usos, the ‘Back Of The Bus Brothers’, and the SJW lose their minds.. Tyler Bate becomes first ever WWE UK Champion.. and much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Bearcat Wright, Pez Whatley, Gori Guerrero, Don McGee, Eddie Graham, Luna Vachon, Big Dick Dudley, Tommy Gilbert, Billy Firehawk, and John Kronus RIP, Abdullah The Butcher 77, Strong Kobayashi 74, Colonel DeBeers 73, Bruce Hart 68, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Scott Casey, and B. Brian Blair 64, Ranger Ross 63, Jerry Estrada 60, Negro Casas 58, Villano V, Tony Puccio, and The Punisher 56, Ernest Miller 54, Silver King, Gene Snitsky, Shane McMahon, and Buff Bagwell 48, Brian Christopher 46, Magnum Tokyo 45, Donovan Morgan and Todd Grisham 42, Tamina Snuka 40, King Mo, Krissy Vaine, and Shad Gaspard 37, Mason Ryan 36, Matt Riddle 32, V.S.K. and Kelly Kelly 31, Ruby Riott 27

NOTABLE DEATHS: Count Billy Varga 94, Mae Young 90, The Wolfman 80, Buddy Fuller 70, Rapid Ricky Romero 74, Jimmy Snuka and Jack Barnes 73, Bobby Fuller 70, Cocoa Samoa 62, MS-1 and Rex King 55, Hillbilly Cousin Junior 48, El Texano 47, Oyama Kato 42

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