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Retro Audio: The Masked Maniac Show 05/15/2007 (Special Guests: New Jack and Axl Rotten) Hosted By Masked Maniac w/ Don Tony

Running Time: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

Hey everyone, Don Tony here. As promised, I have started the process of bringing back online retro wrestling hotline and podcast episodes going back as early as 2002! I wish I had my archives of wrestling hotline episodes from 1997-2001. Unfortunately at that time, no one was podcasting. The technology wasn’t developed yet. And I didn’t come up with the idea of posting my audio hotline episodes online until 2002. However, the good news is that there are close to 1000 episodes of archived content from 2002 thru 2019 that will be made available online soon!

This memorable retro episode of ‘The Masked Maniac Show’ goes back to May 15, 2007 hosted by The Masked Maniac with Yours Truly (Don Tony). Your special guests on this episode were New Jack (RIP) and Axl Rotten (RIP). By far the funniest podcast episode I’ve ever been a part of. Not only was this show hilarious and memorable. But this episode happened to be recorded at the same time Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Big Vito and others were released by WWE.

Please keep in mind that these older episodes were recorded at a time where many podcasters still used telephones instead of microphones. So some of the audio quality is primitive. I think the audio quality of the current shows has significantly increased since this episode was recorded in 2007.


RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE to download the AUDIO version of THE MASKED MANIAC SHOW w/ NEW JACK and AXL ROTTEN 05/15/2007

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