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Breakfast Soup (EP#41) 01/10/2018 w/ Don Tony + Missionary (Patreon Free For All)

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony and Missionary

WWE roster overly gushes over their Mixed Match Challenge partners.. DT and Mish discuss Creative Laziness w/ Gable, Benjamin & Daniel Bryan ‘Instant Replay’ promos, AJ Styles vs Zayn/Owens RR match and more.. Thoughts of Dana Brooke as Miss Blandcock.. The Goldberg type streak for Asuka with a Raw womens roster of 10 is now just smoke and mirrors.. TWIWH preview.. WWE needs to bring back Hulk Hogan at Raw 25.. Expect WWE to blow their legend load on Raw 25 with a ‘Damn’ segment.. Patreon questions.. Is WWE Sponsored Drug Rehab tax deductible?.. Equipment and app tidbits for aspiring Podcasters.. What are DT and Mish’s least favorite TV Themes of all time?.. DT and Mish create the ultimate recreational drug.. Favorite Chris Jericho moments.. Favorite Raw moment of all time.. DT makes $3000+ off Bitcoin.. Looking back at Hardcore Hak.. Showing love to Vince Russo, Bruce Pritchard and Dirty Dutch Mantell Podcasts.. Continued praise towards Enzo Amore.. WWE turning the corner with Jason Jordan character development. But whats with Shield arguing over a Fist Bump?.. The time to elevate Finn Balor is now.. Thoughts on Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes Speech.. Any Oprah vs Trump Prez Poll going around is just plain stupid.. Which is more accepted in society: Stripper or Adult Film Star?.. Suicide of Adult star August Ames after being bullied on Twitter: Was she wrong for refusing to perform with men who did Gay Porn?.. Move over #MeToo, Hollywood wearing black is part of their #MeKnew (and did nothing about it) movement.. DT rejoins Weight Watchers via ITrackBites app.. ‘Coreyographed’.. DT’s embarrassing fart revelation.. Would DT or Mish have sex with a sex robot?.. and so much more!

Remember, this show is much more than just wrestling talk. Check it out and you’ll realize why DT has so heavily praised ‘Breakfast Soup’ and its content.


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