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Q+A w/Don Tony (Mailbag) 9/4/2023: Dethroning Roman Reigns If Cody Never Returned; Doubling Down On Bray Wyatt/Cardiac Life Vest Discussion; All Time Favorite Funk/Wyatt Match; AEW TV Authority Figure; Next Rhea Ripley Feud; Carlito/WWE Status And Much More!

Q+A With Don Tony (EP84) 9/4/23, hosted by Don Tony and presented by BlueWire.

Some Topics Discussed:

  • Addressing media who called Don Tony ‘reckless’ for stating Bray Wyatt not wearing his Cardiac Life Vest likely cost him his life
  • What is your all-time favorite match featuring Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk?
  • Who would have dethroned Roman Reigns If Cody Rhodes never returned to WWE? How likely would Roman Reigns have already lost the WWE and Universal Championships? And if dethroned sooner, would the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship (singular title) and even Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship have even been created?
  • Which would give Cody better, grittier moment leading into WrestleMania 40: Winning 2024 Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber?
  • Should AEW have an authority figure (not named Tony Khan) on AEW TV to help set up matches & storylines?
  • Status of Carlito’s WWE return and how should he be brought back to WWE TV\
  • Discussing the future of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams on WWE Main Roster
  • Should Adam Cole ultimately ‘turn’ on MJF, or the reverse?
  • Following a solid 2022 but mediocre 2023, what is next for Austin Theory?
  • Would Powerhouse Hobbs be main roster ready if he jumped to WWE? Or should he first have a run in NXT?
  • Thoughts on Asuka’s current run, WWE further tweaking her character, and how she has become much more interactive and vocal on social media about wrestling and the fans
  • Plus: Dominik vs Rey II.. Rhea Ripley’s next big feud.. Best Trish Stratus’ rivals not named Lita.. Why WWE doesn’t use Haku much on TV when bringing back legends.. Saudi Arabia throwing big bucks at Soccer.. Thoughts on the SmackDown pilot.. Why 90’s Raw was two shows and much more!

**NOTE: This episode was recorded Thursday night, 8/31/23, a day before it was revealed that CM Punk was fired from AEW. Just wanted to point that out for those wondering why no CM Punk questions were asked.

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