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Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E18 (4/30 – 5/6) Remastered! Original Broadcast: 5/2/2019

Back by Popular Demand! ‘This Week In Wrestling History’ hosted by Don Tony originally aired back in 2018-2019 and spanned two seasons. These retro episodes return remastered and will be posted every Tuesday at 4PM EST. These episodes are filled with hundreds of hours of original wrestling clips and stories. Whether experiencing these for the first time, or revisiting the episodes again, you will enjoy this ultimate deep dive into pro wrestling’s awesome history.

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 19 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E18 (04/30 – 05/06)

  • Superstar Billy Graham def Bruno Sammartino to win the WWWF Championship.
  • Infamous Pat Patterson vs Sgt Slaughter Alley Fight takes place at Madison Square Garden.
  • Manny Fernandez stabbed multiple times outside TX restaurant.
  • Looking back at Von Erich Memorial Parade Of Champions (1984, 1985, 1986, 1987).
  • Audio: Kerry Von Erich def Ric Flair to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Looking back at AWA Superclash II (1987).
  • Audio: Curt Hennig vs Nick Bockwinkel for AWA World Heavyweight Championship. AWA 80’s fu**ery wasn’t limited to just Hulk Hogan. This time it moves on to Curt Hennig, but ends with a positive conclusion.
  • WWF vs WBF Superstars battle it out on Family Feud.
  • Looking back at NJPW Wrestling Donataku events (1993, 1994, 1995).
  • Audio: Current WWF Champion Hulk Hogan belittles and calls the WWF Championship a ‘toy’.
  • Rick Rude suffers serious neck injury during match with Sting which leads to retirement.
  • Sabu wins IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.
  • Audio: Following his WWF in ring debut, HHH promotes ‘civility’.
  • Vignettes for the upcoming debut of The Bodydonnas (Skip and Sunny) begin airing on WWF TV.
  • Looking back at FMW 7th Anniversary Show (1996).
  • Audio: Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels: Home wrecker!
  • Atsushi Onita meets with WWF about a possible joint event with FMW and the possibility of an Exploding Death Match in WWF.
  • Christian makes his WWF debut.
  • Looking back at ECW Wrestlepalooza ’98 PPV.
  • Looking back at AJPW 25th Anniversary Show (1998).
  • Audio: Terry Funk and Cactus Jack battle it out on Monday Night Raw with Steve Austin on commentary.
  • Vignettes start airing on WWF TV for the upcoming debut of Edge.
  • Audio: Paul Bearer tells Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler how he ‘did’ Undertaker’s mother.
  • Kimberly Page appears nude in Playboy.
  • Audio: Captain Lou Albano’s memorable appearance on ‘Lie Detector’.
  • A&E premieres ‘The Unreal Story Of Professional Wrestling’ (1999).
  • Looking back at AJPW Giant Baba Memorial Show (1999).
  • Mick Foley forms a ‘Union’ to combat the Corporate Ministry.
  • Macho Man Randy Savage makes last appearance in WCW.
  • Looking back at WWF Backlash PPV (2000).
  • Looking back at WWF Insurrextion PPV (2000, 2001, 2002) and the Plane Ride From Hell (2001).
  • Sean ‘XPac’ Waltman speaks on the Plane Ride From Hell.
  • Following the lawsuit filed by the World Wildlife Fund, World Wrestling Federation changes from WWF to WWFE.
  • Audio: WWF Confidential segment on the death of Miss Elizabeth and arrest of Lex Luger.
  • Daughter of Iron Shiek brutally murdered by boyfriend.
  • Audio: Jacqueline def Chavo Guerrero Jr to win the Cruiserweight Championship.
  • Looking back at WWE Backlash PPV (2005, 2018).
  • Hulk Hogan Energy Drinks, Microwave Cheeseburger and Chicken Sandwiches hit stores and receive subpar reviews.
  • Audio: Joey Styles’ Pipe Bomb from WWE Raw.
  • WWE signs Hornswoggle.
  • Audio: Scott Steiner becomes the greatest mathematician in pro wrestling history.
  • Rolling Stone releases explosive story on Escort Service which included Ashley Massaro as being a paid Escort.
  • Santino Marella arrested for DUI.
  • Ric Flair becomes Ring Of Honor’s ‘Ambassador’.
  • WWE signs AJ Lee.
  • Monday Night War II: TNA airs last episode of Monday Night Impact and moves back to Thursdays.
  • Obsessed Mickie James fan arrested after threatening to bomb WWE offices and much worse.
  • Looking back at WWE Extreme Rules PPV (2011, 2014).
  • Audio: Christian becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion for 48 hours.
  • Audio: Michelle McCool says ‘Goodbye’ to WWE and Kharma says ‘Hello’.
  • Audio: John Cena makes surprise announcement to live WWE audience that Osama Bin Laden has met his demise.
  • Jinder Mahal makes WWE TV debut.
  • WWE releases Dustin Runnels.
  • Audio: The Bullet Club is born.
  • Looking back at ROH Border Wars PPV (2013).
  • Audio: Sami Zayn’s memorable WWE main roster debut taking on John Cena for United States Championship.
  • WWE releases Zeb Coulter, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Hornswoggle, Santino Marella, Cameron, Alex Riley and El Torito.
  • Looking back at WWE Payback PPV (2016, 2017).
  • Chris Jericho destroys The Ambrose Asylum and murders Mitch The Plant.
  • And so much more!


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