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Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E16 (4/16 – 4/22) Remastered! Original Broadcast: 4/18/2019

Back by Popular Demand! ‘This Week In Wrestling History’ hosted by Don Tony originally aired back in 2018-2019 and spanned two seasons. These retro episodes return remastered and will be posted every Tuesday at 4PM EST. These episodes are filled with hundreds of hours of original wrestling clips and stories. Whether experiencing these for the first time, or revisiting the episodes again, you will enjoy this ultimate deep dive into pro wrestling’s awesome history.

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 15 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E16 (04/16 – 04/22)

  • Audio: Fabulous Moolah appears on TV Show ‘To Tell The Truth’ (1961)
  • Playboy Buddy Rose loses a Hair vs Hair match against Roddy Piper.
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan def Nick Bockwinkel for AWA Heavyweight Title – only to have decision overturned a few days later. Thus began two years of AWA fu**ery towards Hogan and fans.
  • Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch (North South Connection) def Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson to win WWF Tag Titles.
  • Looking back at AWA Wrestlerock ’86.
  • Looking back at Saturday Night’s Main Event #16 (1988).
  • Mike McGuirk makes WWF announcing debut.
  • Audio: Highlights of wrestling themed Morton Downey Jr Show featuring David Schultz, Paul E Dangerously, Jim Wilson, Capt Lou Albano, and others (1988).
  • Controversial ‘Now It Can Be Told’ episode hosted by Geraldo Rivera accusing WWF of multiple accounts of sexual abuse airs.
  • Roddy Piper hosts Piper’s Pit that never makes TV due to controversial comments related to Geraldo ‘Now It Can Be Told’ episode.
  • Paul Heyman, Jim Crockett and Jim Hudson join forces to create a new Promotion (later called World Wrestling Network).
  • Audio: Infamous Vader vs Cactus Jack WCW Worldwide match involving multiple hard shots to Cactus’ face. Includes rare unedited commentary by Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura.
  • Negotiations between All Japan Women’s Wrestling and Tonya Harding fall thru.
  • Looking back at WCW Spring Stampede PPV (1994, 1998, 2000).
  • Audio: Ric Flair’s WCW Heavyweight Title win over Ricky Steamboat not acknowledged in the record books.
  • Looking back at ECW Hostile City Showdown 1995.
  • Audio: After losing ECW Heavyweight Title to Sandman, Shane Douglas walks out of ECW Arena – wearing a WWF Monday Night Raw shirt.
  • Brian Pillman released from hospital following serious auto accident.
  • First televised Bi-Sexual wrestling angle? Beulah McGillicuddy cheats on Tommy Dreamer with Kimona Wanalea.
  • Audio: WWF starts airing ridiculously stupid ‘Reality-Check’ spots during Raw episodes.
  • Looking back at WWF IYH 14: Revenge Of The Taker (1997).
  • Scott Steiner arrested for threatening GA DOT Highway worker.
  • Buff Bagwell suffers serious neck injury during tag team match on WCW Thunder.
  • Brock Lesnar passes up Olympics and agrees to a deal with WWF.
  • Audio: ‘It Never Happened!’. Looking back at the night Chris Jericho def Triple H to win WWF Championship, only to have the decision reversed moments later.
  • Audio: WWF Champion Triple H vs ECW Champion Tazz.
  • Looking back at ECW Cyberslam 2000.
  • Triple H regains IC Championship def Jeff Hardy.
  • Looking back at WWF Backlash PPV (2002, 2004).
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan vs Triple H for WWF Undisputed Championship.
  • Colt Cabana vs Eddie Guerrero vs CM Punk tear it up in IWA Mid-South.
  • Audio: Vince Russo replaces James Storm with AJ Styles against Jeff Jarrett (Cage Match for NWA World Heavyweight Championship).
  • Bloody Jim Ross on Raw leads to MA Rating on WWE Network.
  • Audio: ‘You Screwed Matt!’ Fans let Lita and WWE know how they feel after Matt Hardy being fired following incident with Lita and Edge.
  • Brock Lesnar and WWE settle ‘no-compete’ lawsuit following failed attempt at NFL career.
  • Palmer Cannon requests release from WWE after incident involving Chris Benoit and JBL.
  • WWE ends working relationship with developmental territory Deep South Wrestling.
  • Austin Aries suspended for 90 days by TNA due to unprofessional behavior.
  • Santino Marella makes WWE debut and wins IC Title.
  • Looking back at WWE King Of The Ring (2008).
  • ‘Barack Obama’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’ battle it out in WWE ring.
  • WWE suspends Michael PS Hayes after incident involving Mark Henry and a racial slur.
  • TNA launches their ‘Cross The Line’ campaign.
  • Looking back at TNA ‘Lockdown’ PPV (2009, 2010).
  • WWE airs Monday Night Smackdown.
  • WWE releases Shelton Benjamin, Mickie James, Katie Lea Burchill, Jesse, Mike Knox, Funaki, and Jimmy Wang Yang.
  • RVD def AJ Styles to win TNA Heavyweight Championship.
  • WWE announces the creation of WWE Performance Center.
  • E! announces the creation of WWE Reality TV Series, ‘Total Divas’.
  • WWE sends Rosa Mendes home from European Tour due to personal issues.
  • WWE Network releases ‘Warrior: The Ultimate Legend’ documentary.
  • Takeshi Morishima abruptly retires due to complications involving diabetes.
  • WWE airs idiotic commercial hyping ‘Extreme Rules PPV (2016) by showing Bugs having sex.
  • Samoa Joe def Finn Balor to win NXT Championship.
  • Ring collapses on Raw during match between Braun Strowman and Big Show.
  • And so much more!


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