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TWIWH S2 E36 (09/03 – 09/09) This Week In Wrestling History

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 26 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

Note from DT: Future TWIWH episodes are tentative.

SYNOPSIS: S2 E36 (09/03 – 09/09)

  • Giant Baba def Harley Race for NWA Heavyweight Title – just to lose it back to Race days later.
  • Wild Samoans win vacant WWWF Tag Titles (Vacated by Backlund & Morales). 
  • Looking back at WCCW Labor Day Star Wars Events (1983, 1984, 1987).
  • Georgia Championship Wrestling regains WTBS Studios. 
  • Looking back at 1987 and 1991 King Of The Ring events.
  • Looking back at WCW Clash Of Champions XII: Fall Brawl ’90.
  • Sting defeats The Black Scorpion. Or does he? 
  • NWA strips Ric Flair of World Heavyweight Championship. 
  • Audio: Ric Flair makes his memorable WWF debut. Highlights of Prime Time Wrestling promo, debut match, and the incident with Roddy Piper. Vince McMahon gets physically involved in a segment for the first time ever. 
  • Audio: Sgt Slaughter wants his country back. 
  • Audio: Tito Santana becomes El Matador. 
  • WCW airs first ever episode of Monday Nitro on TNT. 
  • Audio: Lex Luger makes surprise appearance on first ever episode of WCW Monday Nitro and confronts Hulk Hogan.
  • Audio: Eric Bischoff speaks on rehiring of Lex Luger and historic importance of his appearance on Nitro EP1.
  • WWF airs special Friday Night episode of Raw. 
  • Shawn Michaels appears in Playgirl Magazine. 
  • Audio: Jim Ross announces imminent return of Razor Ramon and Diesel to WWF. 
  • Audio: NWO Shirts officially go on sale.
  • Audio: Scott Hall proclaims he is NWO ‘For Life’.
  • Looking back at WWF In Your House 17: Ground Zero PPV.
  • Steven Dunn def Doomsday (Kane) to become last ever USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. 
  • Audio: Womens history made on Raw: Tori vs Ivory in the first ever Womens Hardcore Match for Womens Title. 
  • Audio: Val Venis and Big Show urinate on GTV: ‘And they call you The Big Show?!’ 
  • Audio: Howard Finkel vs Tony Chimmel Tuxedo Match 
  • Audio: Rock and Mankind vs Big Show and Undertaker Buried Alive match with lots of interference from Austin, Kane, Triple H and more. 
  • Vincent (Virgil) joins The West Texas Rednecks. 
  • Audio: WCW holds complicated Battle Royal on Nitro with a ‘Can’t Blame It On Russo’ result.
  • Eddie Guerrero def Chyna and Kurt Angle to win IC Title. 
  • Rhino def Kid Kash to become last ever ECW World TV Champion. 
  • Audio: Kurt Angle kidnaps Steve Austin and throws him into a Pool. 
  • Audio: Christian turns on Edge. 
  • Audio: Steven Richards vs Undertaker leads to WWF debut of Kronik. 
  • Looking back at NWATNA One Penny PPV (2003). 
  • Audio: Brock Lesnar cuts promo of his career while attacking and throwing Zach Gowen down a long flight of stairs. 
  • ROH ‘Beating The Odds’ featuring Raven vs CM Punk: Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match. 
  • TNA signs Gail Kim and Junior Fatu (Rikishi). 
  • WWE tapes first episode of Friday Night Smackdown to dismal ratings. 
  • TNA releases Andrew ‘Test’ Martin after one match due to substance abuse issues and more. 
  • Looking back at TNA No Surrender PPV (2007, 2010, 2012).
  • Audio: Adam Pacman Jones’ awful TNA Tag Title reign begins.
  • Audio: Hornswoggle revealed as Vince McMahon’s bastard son.
  • Looking back at 2008 WWE Unforgiven PPV and Championship Scramble Title Matches concept.
  • The Wrestler wins 2008 Golden Lion Award at Venice Film Festival. 
  • Bryan Danielson and Nigel McGuinness leave ROH for WWE. One would sign with WWE while the other fails a physical but signs with TNA. 
  • Audio: Bob Barker hosts ‘The Price Is Raw’. 
  • Audio: CM Punk impersonates Jeff Hardy and cuts memorable ‘straight edge’ promo. 
  • Memphis Championship Wrestling closes its doors. 
  • Bret Hart makes his WWE Raw return in almost 15 years.
  • Audio: Jerry Lawler suffers Heart Attack during Raw. Includes clips from Raw, comments from Michael Cole and a controversial interview between Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler.
  • Looking back at TNA One Night Only PPV: Knockouts Knockdown (2013).
  • Looking back at TNA One Night Only PPV: World Cup Of Wrestling (2014).
  • Lucha Underground tapes its first ever episode. (2014). 
  • WWE signs Asuka. 
  • Sting destroys Seth Rollins’ statue inside a garbage truck. 
  • Audio: Gallows and Anderson introduce ‘The Old Day’. 
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Ray Stevens, Ida Mae Martínez, Mr. Niebla, Abe Yourist, Mike Clancy, Arpad Weber, Rex King, Whitey Whittler, Johnny Seals, Duke Finnegan, Wildcat Wilson, Don Sugai, Ciclón Veloz, Ox Anderson, Jack O’Brien, Turk Powell, Jack Kennedy, Sugi Hayamaka, Lee Grable, Rodney Fenton, Jim LaRock, Bob Nandor. Butcher Brannigan, Marianna Komlos (RIP), Pat Barrett 78, Jerry Jarrett 77, Septiembre Negro 73, The Great Kabuki 71, El Hijo del Gladiador 70, Black Terry 67, Kengo Kimura 66, El Signo 65, Corporal Kirschner and Espectro Jr 62, The Barbarian and Shiro Koshinaka 61, Wendi Richter 58, George South 57, Raven and Takashi Okamura 55, Hoshitango and Jeff Warner 54, Phil Barham 51, Megumi Kudo and Cannonball Grizzly 50, Lodi, Shane Ballard and Shannon Ballard 49, David Arquette, Masanori Ishikura and La Amapola 48, Bob Evans and Shane Sewell 47, Tom Carter, Rick Michaels, Derrick Neikirk and Jun Kasai 45, Riki Senshu, El Psicópata and Bull Dredd 44, Roberto De Luna and Valentino 43, Nora Greenwald, Awesome Kong and Minoru Fujita 42, Tomokazu Morita, Tanea Brooks, Hideo Toda and Breyer Wellington 41, Low-Ki, Justin Tyme, Saburo Inematsu, Dave Greco and Queen Maya 40, Jillian Hall and Mammoth Handa 39, Mini Mr. Águila, Chris Raaber and Vangellys 38, Braun Strowman, Robbie Cassidy, Aaron Williams, Steve Allison, Ken’ichi Chikano and Matt Maverick 36, TJ Perkins 35, Dark Allie, Taishi Takizawa and Tristan Archer 34, Xavier Woods, Yoruba and Colin Delaney 33, Wesley Blake and Scott Fusion 32, Shayne Hawke, Matt Lomaxx, Sky de Lacrimosa, Brandon Scott, Scotty Young, Andy Wild, AR Fox and Sawako Shimono 31, Aron Frost 30, Chico del Barrio, Pascal Spalter 29, Sarah Logan, Yota Tsuji and Brian Pillman Jr 26, Miyuki Takase 24, Príncipe Diamante 23, Hana Kimura and Tsukushi 22

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Kevin Nash 1990, Erick Rowan 2003, Tony Nese 2005, Tyrus and Jack Swagger 2006, Buddy Murphy 2007, Killer Kross 2014

NOTABLE DEATHS: Lord Littlebrook 87, Charro Aztec 86, Frankie Talaber 82, Billy Darnell 81, Great Azul and Mighty Fritz 78, The Great Antonio and LeRoy McGuirk 77, Rusty Westcoatt and Wong Buck Lee 76, Little Tokyo 71, Emilio Charles 70, Johnny Kace 66, Butcher Brannigan and Eduardo Perez 61, Randy Morse and George Tragos 58, Man Mountain Dean Jr and Abdullah Tamba 51, Maurice Tillet 50, Gus Sonnenberg 46, Sean O’Haire 43, Brian Hildebrand and Bad Bad Leroy Brown 37, Scott Irwin 35, Máscara Sagrada 33

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