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TWIWH S2 E23 (06/04 – 06/10) This Week In Wrestling History

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 34 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: S2 E23 (06/04 – 06/10)

  • Looking back at the 2nd ‘Star Wars ’81’ event featuring Bruiser Brody, Kerry Von Erich, Gary Hart and others.
  • Vince McMahon purchases Capitol Wrestling Corporation from his father Vince Sr.
  • Looking back at the Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show (1982).
  • Harley Race ends Ric Flair’s 631 day reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Memorable Philadelphia Spectrum match, featuring Big John Studd front face lock to Andre The Giant for 8+ minutes. And yes, there is footage of this online.
  • Infamous Pipers Pit with Roddy Piper cracking a coconut over Jimmy Snuka’s head finally airs nationwide.
  • Audio: Fascinating YouShoot clip of Roddy Piper speaking on the Pipers Pit with Jimmy Snuka.
  • Despite Nick Bockwinkel, Mean Gene Okerlund, Verne Gagne, and Arnold Skaaland called as character witnesses, Ken Patera and Masa Saito are found guilty of battery, criminal damage, and obstruction of justice (from the 1984 McDonalds incident).
  • Kerry Von Erich involved in a serious Motorcycle accident with a Police Car resulting in a shattered ankle, dislocated hip, and deep lacerations.
  • Looking back at NWA Clash Of The Champions II: Miami Mayhem (1988).
  • Looking back at UWF Beach Brawl (1991).
  • Kevin Nash makes WWF debut as the Bodyguard of Shawn Michaels.
  • Undertaker makes a rare appearance at USWA event (1993).
  • WWF holds their first ever Hall Of Fame Ceremony (1994) inducting Freddie Blassie, Buddy Rogers, Bobo Brazil, Arnold Skaaland, Gorilla Monsoon, Chief Jay Strongbow, amd James Dudley.
  • Roddy Piper impersonator kills it on the mic during Jerry Lawler’s ‘Kings Court’ segment.
  • NBC cancels WrestleMania XI special, thanks to Shaq and ‘Earth 2’.
  • After meeting with Eric Bischoff, Ted Turner agrees to add WCW show on Monday Nights to directly compete with WWF. And that wasn’t the only competition Turner created this week. 
  • Chris Benoit wrestles tryout dark matches for WWF (against Owen Hart, Adam Bomb, and Bob Holly.
  • Kevin Nash makes his WCW Monday Nitro debut and joins Scott Hall to form The Outsiders.
  • Audio: Funny Kevin Nash YouShoot appearances: Nash plays ‘The Ho Bag’, ‘What A Dic*, and talks Rats and NWOes.
  • Brian Pillman signs with World Wrestling Federation.
  • Looking back at ECW Wrestlepalooza ’97.
  • Looking back at WWF King Of The Ring 1997 and the KOR Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
  • Three Faces of Foley Raw segments conclude with Mankind giving the mandable claw to Jim Ross.
  • TV Program ‘American Edge’ airs segment on WCW Power Plant including interviews with Eric Bischoff, DDP, and others.
  • Audio: Roddy Piper and Kevin Nash speak on a backstage incident following an episode of Monday Nitro.
  • Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart have a backstage incident over various issues including ‘Sunny Days’.
  • Dennis Rodman fined by Chicago Bulls and NBA after skipping NBA Finals practice and media to attend WCW Monday Nitro event.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon revealed as the ‘Higher Power’ and Steve Austin becomes the CEO (for a day) of WWF. Coincidentally, this was Episode 316 of Raw.
  • Audio: Terry Funk defends the WCW Hardcore Title against Eric Bischoff.
  • Goldberg returns to action after 6+ month absence due to serious arm injury.
  • Intoxicated Sandman exposes himself several times during ECW match.
  • KOR qualifying match on Raw featuring Brock Lesnar vs Steve Austin cancelled as Austin walks out of WWE due to creative differences and more.
  • NWATNA makes it debut on Pay Per View with first ever $9.99 episode of Impact.
  • Looking back at WWE Insurrextion PPV (2003).
  • Kurt Angle returns to WWE action from neck surgery nine months earlier than expected.
  • Randy Orton debuts RKO finisher on Raw.
  • JBL fired from CNBC due to ‘Goosestep’ incident in Munich, Germany.
  • WWE issues then withdraws apology for JBL ‘Goosestep’ incident.
  • Audio: JBL’s epic Promo on CNBC, fans, and lots more (from Smackdown).
  • Kenzo Suzuki makes his shi**y WWE debut.
  • John Cena (Raw) and Chris Benoit (Smackdown) are #1 picks for 2005 WWE Draft Lottery.
  • Audio: Looking back at the John Cena / Christian confrontation and Christian’s WWE exit three months later.
  • Audio: Paul Heyman and ECW stars appear on Raw to hype up first ever ECW One Night Stand PPV.
  • Joey Styles signs deal with WWE to commentate ECW ONS PPV.
  • Terry Funk declines WWE offer to appear at ECW ONS PPV.
  • Looking back at Hardcore Homecoming event from ECW Arena (2005).
  • Looking back at WWE vs ECW: Head To Head event (2006).
  • WWE signs D-Lo Brown (2008) and Chris Masters (2009).
  • Looking back at TNA Slammiversary PPV (2008).
  • Looking back at WWE Extreme Rules PPV (2009, 2017).
  • Audio: Jeff Hardy def Edge to win WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Audio: CM Punk cashes in MITB Briefcase to def Jeff Hardy for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Audio: Edge wants a divorce from Vickie Guerrero.
  • WWE writes Batista off TV as WWE Champion due to injury.
  • Nexus destroys John Cena, Justin Roberts, WWE Staff, and the ring to close out memorable ‘Viewers Choice’ of Raw (2010).
  • Mick Foley requests and is granted his release from TNA.
  • Audio: Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan announce the ‘firing’ of Mick Foley on Impact.
  • Andy Leavine wins WWE Tough Enough.
  • Hulk Hogan quietly announces his retirement from the ring, and the internet and fan reaction is just as quiet.
  • Looking back at TNA Slammiversary PPV (2012).
  • Barbie Blank (aka Kelly Kelly) leaves WWE.
  • Audio: John Cena and AJ Styles hype up their upcoming battle at MITB PPV (2016).
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Gorilla Monsoon, The Grand Wizard, Dr. Bill Miller, The Sheik, Johnny Rougeau, Moondog Spot, Hans Hermann, Dick Dusek, The Canadian Wildman, Dan Miller, Princess Tona Tomah, Igor Putski, Al Billings, Brute Bernard, Rip Hawk, Baron Michele Leone, Ricky Cortez, Eddie Sullivan, Oki Shikina, LaVerne Baxter, Dick Dunn, Scott Peterson, Dutch Savage, Big Val Puccio (RIP), Kathy Starr 83, Leon Baxter 81, Tinieblas 80, Paul Peller 78, Tony Rocco 77, Johnny Kincaid 74, Howard Finkel 69, Joe Malenko 64, Dan Severn 61, Cueball Carmichael 59, Yuko Miyato and Gigante Guerrero 56, Mick Foley, Tatanka, Ephesto, Crusher Takahashi and Ronin 54, Hanzo and Black Tiger 52, Morphosis 50, Ahmed Johnson 49, Glen Osbourne 48,Donnie B and Simon Dean 47, Mikey Whipwreck, Pablo Marquez, Nitro Girl Chae and Yuki Lee 46, Too Tuff Tony 45, Preston Quinn and Kayo Noumi 43, Earl the Pearl, Jaki Numazawa and Coco Verde 42, ODB, Tomoko Morii, JP Kaos, Crazy Sexy Mike, Shane Andrews, Scotty Blaze, Hirotaka Yokoi and Nova Cain 41, Kikujiro Umezawa and Maria James 40, Scott Lost and Matt Fairlane 39, Tyson T-Bone and CJay Kurz 38, El Hombre Sin Nombre and Jazzy Gabert 37, Kid Mikaze and Cinico 36, Ángel Metálico, Erika Canseco and Madison Eagles 35, Drew McIntyre and Justin Corino 34, El Extraño and Mike Bird 32, Dan Matha, Ángel Dorado Jr and Shane Mercer 31, Taeler Hendrix, Ty Hagen and El Fresero Jr 30, Príncipe Halcón and Tama Williams 29, Shawn Shields, Keisuke Okuda and Joji Otani 28, Sara Lee 27, Liv Morgan and Deonna Purrazzo 25, Priscilla Kelly 23

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Ted DiBiase 1974, Road Warrior Animal 1982, Shane Helms and Dick Togo 1991, Christian 1995, James Ellsworth 2002, Jimmy and Jey Uso 2007, Elias 2008, Jeff Cobb 2009

NOTABLE DEATHS: Roy Dunn 89, Bud Curtis 88, Chester Hayes 86, Dan Miller 84, Ciclón Veloz 80, Kurt von Brauner, Charlie Harben and Duncan McTavish 79, Wladek Zbyszko 76, Soldat Gorky and Lee Fields 69, Ivan Kalmikoff 68, Ron Starr 67, Hans Hermann 65, Dick Dunn 64, Little John and Tiny Roebuck 62, Isao Yoshiwara 55, Lou Whitson 53, Mark Starr 50, Ray Evans and Rocket Monroe 49, John Tenta and Kimbo Slice 42, Frank Speer 31

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