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TWIWH Episode 25 (06/19 – 06/25) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 25 (06/19 – 06/25)

  • National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is formed.
  • Pat Patterson def Ted Dibiase for WWF North American Title.
  • Dusty Rhodes def Harley Race for NWA Heavyweight Title.
  • Bad News Allen def Davey Boy Smith in Beard vs Hair Match.
  • Terry Funk and Stan Hansen brawl in New Jersey River.
  • First ever ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling) Tag Champs.
  • Audio: WCW Beach Blast ’92: Cactus Jack vs Sting
  • The Sheik age 67, def Atsushi Onita for WWA World Martial Arts Title
  • Audio: Scott Hall speaks on infamous match against 1-2-3 Kid which involved a memorable faceplant, moonsault, and $10,000.
  • Eddie Gilbert is the ‘King Of Philadelphia’.
  • Infamous Press Conference: Tonya Harding to manage Love Machine (Art Barr) and Eddie Guerrero in pro wrestling match.
  • ECW Hostile City Showdown ’94
  • Owen Hart, Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, win King Of Ring Tournaments.
  • WCW spoils Clash Of Champions results.
  • Art Donovan and Maryland Mayor William Donald Schaeffer stink up WWE King Of The Ring 1994.
  • WWF Hall Of Fame Class Of 1995 Inductions: Grand Wizard, Moolah, Ernie Ladd, Ivan Putski, Pedro Morales, George ‘The Animal’ Steele, and Antonio Rocca.
  • Audio: Dr Isaac Yankem DDS is coming to WWF.
  • WWF files lawsuit and requests restraining order against WCW over Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.
  • Recommended viewing: ECW Hardcore Heaven ’96.
  • Audio: Steve Austin wins KOR, and Austin 3:16 is born.
  • Ultimate Warrior wrestles last ever match on WWF/WWE PPV.
  • Audio: Ahmed Johnson / Nation Of Domination Promo and Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA) make WWE debut.
  • ECW Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso vs Flash Funk on Monday Night Raw.
  • Edge’s not so memorable WWE in ring debut.
  • The Stooges (Patterson and Brisco) win WWF Hardcore Title.
  • Audio x 3: ‘Stalker’ DDP, Booker T, and Mike Awesome make memorable WWE debuts.
  • KOR 2001 Street Fight: Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon.
  • Season One: WWF Tough Enough debuts on MTV.
  • NWATNA holds first ever weekly PPV events with some not so memorable moments.
  • Vince Russo returns to WWE as head writer – for two days.
  • Non-Wrestling Flashback: June 2002
  • Triple H def Kane in Title vs Mask Match. Kane unmasks!
  • Goldberg ends Rodney Mack’s undefeated streak.
  • Audio: WWE tribute at MSG for Mick Foley.
  • Funny 2004 story involving Bam Bam Bigelow, Don Tony, and a shady promoter.
  • Blue Meanie suffers twelve stitches after a very real assault by JBL at ECW One Night Stand.
  • Samoa Joe makes TNA debut.
  • Audio: Another WWE Wedding gone wrong featuring Edge, Lita, Kane, Snitsky, and a Priest.
  • Audio: Memorable JBL Smackdown Promo after being fired by CNBC over Germany ‘Goosestep’ incident.
  • Audio: Kurt Angle and John Cena rap.
  • DT Flashback: WWE attempts ECW House Show at ECW Arena with questionable results.
  • Joey Styles tells cynics and haters of the new WWE version of ECW to ‘kiss his ass’.
  • DX returns with lots of bare asses from midgets to The Coach.
  • Audio: Chris Benoit Double Murder / Suicide discussion. Looking back at DTKC Show episode which aired live as news broke. Of the hundreds of interviews done on the tragedy, DT selects two very interesting ones from Vince McMahon and New Jack.
  • Ron Killings and Konnan quit TNA.
  • 2008 WWE Draft Lottery: WWE drafts Jim Ross to Smackdown and Michael Cole to Raw without telling them in advance.
  • Ultimate Warrior vs Orlando Jordan for Nu-Wrestling Evolution.
  • WWE releases Sim Snuka, Matt Striker, and Candice Michelle.
  • Donald Trump ‘sells back’ Raw to Vince McMahon.
  • TNA films pilot episode of Spin Cycle.
  • Nexus attack Vince McMahon.
  • ‘President Barack Obama’ appears at WWE Capital Punishment PPV.
  • Martha Hart sues WWE again and Bret Hart is not happy.
  • Disgruntled Chavo Guerrero Jr requests and is granted WWE release.
  • Sinclair Broadcasting becomes new owners of Ring Of Honor
  • TNA sues Scott Steiner for breach of contract.
  • John Cena vs Ryback ‘Three Stages Of Hell’ Match.
  • TNA Heavyweight Title wins for Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, and Ethan Carter III.
  • Vickie Guerrero wrestles Stephanie McMahon in Mud and retires from WWE.
  • Tyson Kidd undergoes neck and spinal surgery.
  • The night Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose all hold the WWE Championship.
  • Roman Reigns suspended 30 days for violating WWE Wellness Policy.
  • WWE holds First Round matches of Cruiserweight Classic.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Mick Foley (1986), Minoru Suzuki (1987), Mad Man Pondo (1989), Mr Gannosuke (1991), Shinjiro Otani (1992), Bill Goldberg and LuFisto (1997), Chasyn Rance (1999), Alexa Bliss (2013)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Cora Combs 92, Daisy Mae 85, Bud Osborne 80, Larry Nelson 78, Billy Red Lyons 77, Don Greene 73, Jackie Fargo 72, El Scorpio 67, Luke Graham and Mr Pogo 66, Big Van Vader 63, Stan Stasiak 60, Boogie Woogie Brown 54, Buddy Landel 53, Biff Wellington 46, Nancy Benoit 43, Chris Benoit 40, Victor The BodyGuard 38, Larry Doyle 37

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: John Tenta, Rudy Kay, Paul Jones, Wahoo McDaniel, Jay Youngblood, Moondog Nathan, Miguel Perez (RIP), Mickey Doyle 70, El Canek 65, Tod Gordon 63, Koko B. Ware 61, Tiny ‘Zeus’ Lister, George Takano, and Chicky Starr 60, Bobby Blaze, Mark Youngblood, and Don West 55, Mosco de la Merced 54, Mr Gannosuke 50, Mad Man Pondo 49, Anthony Michaels 48, Lou Marconi 45, Amber O’Neal 44, Layla and Amanda Violet 41, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Adam Pearce 40, Hirooki Goto and Matt Stryker 39, Tetsuya Naito 36, Brandi Rhodes 35, Jessica Havok and Hiromi Mimura 32, Mark Haskins 30, Billie Kay 29

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