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TWIWH S2 E36 (09/03 – 09/09) This Week In Wrestling History

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 26 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

Note from DT: Future TWIWH episodes are tentative.

SYNOPSIS: S2 E37 (09/10 – 09/16)

  • Audio: Ric Flair def Dusty Rhodes to win NWA World Heavyweight Title for the first time (1981).
  • Bonus Audio: Classic Ric Flair first promos as NWA World Champion, plus interesting ‘at home’ interview with North Carolina TV station (1981).
  • Looking back at the infamous Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl: Eddie Gilbert and Ricky Morton vs Atsushi Onita and Masa Fuchi.
  • Hulk Hogan’s Rock N Wrestling Cartoon premieres on CBS. 
  • Audio: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan team up in the Play by Play booth for the first time. 
  • Looking back at Saturday Night’s Main Event (1986). 
  • Looking back at NWA Clash Of The Champions VIII: Fall Brawl ’89 (1989).
  • Controversy as Terry Funk tries to ‘suffocate’ Ric Flair by tying a plastic bag over his head.
  • The Quebecers def Steiner Brothers for the WWF Tag Team Titles – on a DQ.
  • Tatanka (representing WWF) def Jerry Lawler for USWA Unified Heavyweight Championship. 
  • Audio: Memorable Pre ‘Mr McMahon’ promo holding the USWA Unified Heavyweight Title (1993). 
  • WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Monday Night Raw go head to head for the first time ever. 
  • WWF debuts ‘Raw On The Roof’ intro. 
  • Audio: Eric Bischoff debuts the reveal of ‘Raw Spoilers’ during Nitro broadcasts.
  • WCW fires Steve Austin and resigns Mean Gene Okerlund to a loaded new contract. 
  • Audio: Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff look back at the Austin firing. 
  • Audio: Sabu makes his WCW debut on Nitro. 
  • Looking back at WCW Fall Brawl: War Games (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999). 
  • Audio: Sting tells WCW to ‘stick it’, and ultimately drops the colorful face paint for ‘The Crow’ look.
  • Glacier and Sean Waltman make their WCW debuts.
  • Looking back at Terry Funk: Wrestlefest featuring wrestlers from WWF, ECW, Japan, and more (1997). 
  • Audio: Following Curt Hennig’s turn on Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen, a distraught Tony Schiovane walks off Nitro set.
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan challenges and Warrior accepts match at WCW Halloween Havoc. 
  • Audio: Ric Flair returns to WCW, reforms The Horsemen and curses out Eric Bischoff. 
  • Jacqueline def Sable to win Womens Championship, previously vacated for almost three years. 
  • Sandman abruptly leaves ECW for WCW.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon def Triple H to become WWF Champion (1999).
  • Eric Bischoff is removed as President of WCW.
  • WWF performs for fans two days after 09/11/2001. 
  • Audio: WWF wrestlers pay tribute to victims of 9/11. And then it was Stephanie McMahon’s turn to pay tribute… 
  • Audio: IOW (International Organization For Women) confront Eric Bischoff which leads to teases of HLA (Hot Lesbian Action!).
  • Audio: The Upset Of The Century?: Rico def Ric Flair on Raw.
  • Audio: Billy and Chuck Wedding and the awesome performance by Eric Bischoff. 
  • GLAAD, NY Times, NY Post, Today Show and others are not happy with the outcome of the wedding between Billy Gunn and Chuck Polumbo. 
  • Audio: 80 Year Old Fabulous Moolah def Victoria on Raw. 
  • Lita makes surprise return after 17 month absence due to neck injury. 
  • Audio: Eddie Guerrero vs John Cena Parking Lot Brawl (2003). 
  • Audio: Raven comments on losing a Hair vs Hair match at NWATNA (2003) and his head being butchered in the process.
  • Looking back at WWE Unforgiven PPV (2004, 2007).
  • Audio: Simon Dean’s Commercial debuts on Raw, and fans actually tried buying the fitness products. 
  • Gene Snitsky makes his Raw debut and causes Lita to have a “miscarriage”. 
  • Remember, ‘it wasn’t his fault’. Jeff Jarrett def Raven for NWA Heavyweight Title at Border City Wrestling event, and Spike TV isn’t pleased.
  • Looking back at TNA ‘Unbreakable’ PPV (2005).
  • Arguably the greatest match in the history of TNA: AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels X Division Title match. Yes, fans chanted ‘This Is Awesome’ in 2005.
  • Looking back at ROH: Glory By Honor III event (2005).
  • WWE releases Daniel Puder. 
  • Audio: Trish Stratus wrestles last match as a full time competitor (2006), and the comparisons to her 2019 ‘Raw’ and ‘Retirement’ match is eerie.
  • ECW (WWE Version) has its first ever event at MSG. 
  • WWE releases Justin Credible and Sandman. 
  • Looking back at TNA ‘No Surrender’ PPV (2008, 2011, 2013).
  • Audio: One of the worst matches in TNA history; AJ Styles vs Frank Trigg: Mixed Martial Match (2008).
  • Looking back at WWE ‘Breaking Point’ PPV (2009).
  • Audio: Tired or Under The Influence? Jeff Hardy has some blunt comments towards CM Punk after the ‘Charismatic Enabler’ promo. 
  • Jeff Hardy arrested and charged with trafficking prescription pills and possessing anabolic steroids. 
  • Tamina makes her pro wrestling debut, by wrestling three matches in one night.
  • Ric Flair, recently retired from WWE, agrees to wrestle for the Hulkamania Tour of Australia. 
  • Looking back at ROH: Glory By Honor IX event (2010).
  • Looking back at WWE Raw Roulette (2010). 
  • Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) wrestles last ever ROH match, and makes his WWE debut. 
  • Audio: Ric Flair (62) wrestles last ever match in his career (vs Sting, TNA) 2011. 
  • WWE signs Cesaro to a Developmental Deal. 
  • Jim Ross retires from WWE. 
  • Looking back at WWE ‘Night Of Champions’ PPV (2012, 2013).
  • Audio: Daniel Bryan def Randy Orton to become WWE Champion. Only to be stripped of the title one day later by Triple H on Raw (2013). 
  • Looking back at ROH: Death Before Dishonor X iPPV (2012).
  • Looking back at NXT TakeOver event (2014).
  • Hideo Itami makes his NXT debut. 
  • Audio: Nikki Bella becomes longest reigning Divas Champion.
  • Sting wrestles his first, and last ever Raw match. 
  • Looking back at WWE ‘Backlash’ PPV (2016).
  • Heath Slater and Rhyno become the first ever WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions. 
  • Kevin Owens headbutts and leaves Vince McMahon bloody.
  • Kairi Sane wins the 2017 Mae Young Classic Tournament. 
  • Looking back at WWE ‘Hell In A Cell’ PPV (2018).
  • Audio: Arguably the worst WWE HIAC match in history: Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman for Universal Title (2018).
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Adrian Adonis, Mad Dog Vachon, Chief Lone Eagle, Super Destroyer, Curtis Iaukea, Danny Little Bear, Masahiko Kimura, Ole Olsen, Yvon Roberre, Dapper Dan, Vivian St. John, Cowboy Chick, Pierre Robert, Kenny Mack, Isabel Romero, Lonnie Mayne, Mitsuo Hata, Lord Carlton, Mike Hogewood, Louie Elchinoff, Antone Leone, Wilbur Snyder, Man Mountain Mike, Al Romero, Jack Hader, Doug Wyckoff, Kazuharu Sonoda (RIP), Brian Mackney 71, Magnificent Muraco and Gerry Morrow 70, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine and Steve Keirn 68, Bobo Brazil Jr 67, Angel Pantoja 65, Teddy Long 64, Road Warrior Animal 59, Dan Kroffat 58, Gino Caruso and Osamu Tachihikari 56, Paul Heyman and Midnight 54, Pancho Tequila and El Fuego 51, Satoshi Kojima, Cuban Assassin and Máscara Mágica 49, Richard Slinger, Shocker and Nitro Girls Gold and Silver 48, Horace the Psychopath and Lady Victoria 47, Chaparrita ASARI 46, Apocalypse 44, Matt Morgan and Nitro Girl Baby 43, Sojournor Bolt, Maven Bentley and Mike DiBiase Jr 42, Masato Shibata and Genki Horiguchi 41, Mini Juventud Guerrera 40, Trevor Murdoch, Derek Frazier, Darin Childs, José el Caporal and Kaoma Jr 39, Angelina Love, Hallowicked, YAMATO, Yukon Mike and Rain 38, Kunio Toshima and Sal Rinauro 37, Jennifer Blake 36, Baron Corbin, Rekka and Drake Younger 35, Lance Bravado, Big Duke, Gary R. Ward and Marcellus Prime 34, Kody Rice 33, Aaron Xtreme, Diego, Kat Von Heez, Rhett Titus and Bobby Sharp 32, Raúl Mendoza, Dale Patricks, Jay Skillet and Raptor 28, Penelope Ford and Shunma Katsumata 27, Mallaki Matthews 26, Kiera Hogan, Clayton Jackson and Yuki Yoshioka 25, Yuya Aoki 23, Kid Lobo 22, Suzu Suzuki 17

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Baron Von Raschke 1966, Dustin Rhodes 1988, The Godfather 1989, Yuji Nagata 1992, Billy Kidman 1994, Kassius Ohno 1998, Nikki & Brie Bella 2007, Tamina 2009

NOTABLE DEATHS: Rubén Juárez 90, Buddy Pappas 86, Enrique Torres 85, Ethel Johnson 83, Moose Morowski and Chino Chow 81, Lou Plummer 78, Frenchy Bernard 77, Pee Wee James 75, Masked Marvel and Otto Wanz 74, Ethel Johnson and Jack O’Brien 72, Great Goliath and Don Bass 70, Fritz Von Erich and Dr. Wagner 68, Ted Christy 66, Dick Bulldog Brower 63, Buck Weaver and Sapphire 61, Randy Brewer 55, Mike Shaw and Ricky Gibson 53, Karol Kalmikoff and Roberto Paz 52, Kerry Brown 51, Ray Steele and La Fiera 49, El Gemelo de la Muerte #2 26, Mirai 22, Chris Von Erich 21

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