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TWIWH Episode 31 (07/31 – 08/06) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 18 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 31 (07/31 – 08/06)

  • Superstar Billy Graham vs Bruno Sammartino get bloody with special referee Gorilla Monsoon.
  • Audio: Rare audio clip of Roddy Piper’s 1979 WWF TV debut.
  • Tony Atlas makes WWWF debut.
  • Mr Florida (Paul Jones) loses Mask vs Mask match against Super Destroyer. Looking back at this awesome card.
  • Bob Backlund wrestles last WWF match (1984) until his return in 1992.
  • Shane Douglas def Eddie Gilbert for UWF TV Title.
  • Memories of WWF Wrestlefest ’88.
  • Audio: Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant Cage Match from Wrestlefest ’88.
  • World Class merges with Continental Wrestling to form the USWA (United States Wrestling Association)
  • Anyone remembers the WCW debut of ‘The Pearl’?
  • Audio: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts makes WCW debut.
  • Audio: Ron Simmons makes history defeating Big Van Vader to become first Black WCW Heavyweight Champion.
  • Yamato (Tiger Chung Lee) loses Mask vs Mask Match against Dos Caras.
  • Hulk Hogan wrestles last WWF match (1993) until his return in 2002.
  • Luna Vachon def Miss Texas to win USWA Womens Title.
  • Looking back at SMW ‘Night Of Legends’ (1994).
  • Looking back at SMW ‘Superbowl Of Wrestling’ (1995).
  • WCW airs Collision In Korea on PPV.
  • Memories of ECW Wrestlepalooza 1995.
  • Audio: Dean Malenko, Cactus Jack, and 2 Cold Scorpio vs Eddie Guerrero and Steiner Brothers battle in ECW Arena.
  • Looking back at August 1995 (Non Wrestling Related).
  • Great Sasuke  def Ultimo Dragon to win J-Crown, Eight Junior Heavyweight Titles, and a trip to the hospital for a fractured skull.
  • Dr Death Steve Williams makes ECW debut.
  • Steve Austin def Owen Hart for IC Title (Summerslam ’97) but suffers serious neck injury.
  • Bret Hart def Undertaker for WWF Heavyweight Title (Sean Michaels / Guest Referee. (Summerslam ’97).
  • Audio: Lex Luger def Hollywood Hogan for WCW Heavyweight Title. DT defends logic of giving Luger title albeit for just six days.
  • Memories of ECW Heatwave ’98. From beginning to end, this is DT’s favorite ECW PPV (non WWE) of all time.
  • Audio: Kai En Tai and Mr Yamaguchi-san ‘choppy choppy’ Val Venis’ pee pee.
  • Whatever happened to Mrs Yamaguchi-san (Shian Li-Tsang)?
  • Lance Storm becomes WCW Triple Champion (Hardcore, US, Cruiserweight Champion).
  • Lita and The Rock vs Trish Stratus and Triple H.
  • Audio: Booker T and The Rock confrontation from Smackdown (2001).
  • Triple H revealed as HBK’s attacker.
  • WWE Niagara Falls opens for business.
  • Audio: Shawn Michaels imitates Hulk Hogan on ‘Larry King’.
  • Vince McMahon rehires and brings Matt Hardy back to Raw.
  • ROH Fight Of The Century (2006): Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and Samoa Joe wrestle one hour for ROH World Title.
  • Audio: CM Punk makes WWE/ECW debut.
  • Audio: Big Show vs Batista for ECW Title bombs miserably.
  • Vince McMahon makes TV return after limo ‘explosion’ and is served with a paternity lawsuit.
  • TNA signs Matt Morgan.
  • Audio: John Morrison gives Joey Ryan ’15 Minutes Of Fame’ on WWE/ECW TV.
  • Ric Flair requests WWE release (2008).
  • Audio: Jeremy Piven and Dr Ken hype up WWE Summerfest.
  • TNA suspends Samoa Joe after backstage incident.
  • WWE releases 12 in ’11 including: Chris Masters, DH Smith, Melina, Kozlov, Big Cass, Lucky Cannon, and more.
  • Gail Kim eliminates herself in Divas Battle Royal match and quits WWE.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon names Booker T new Smackdown GM.
  • Audio: Abraham Washington makes Kobe Bryant rape joke on WWE Raw.
  • Audio: TNA fails miserably with #August1Warning reveal as Tito Ortiz.
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Karl Gotch, Haystacks Calhoun, Mildred Burke, Grizzly Smith, Jimmy Valiant, George Hackenschmidt, Dino Bravo, Nicoli Volkoff, Jim Mitchell, Charro Aztec, Angel Blanco, Biff Wellington, Goldie Rogers, Ken Yates, Bull Ramos, Tiger Conway, and Maximum Capacity (RIP), Jimmy Golden 68, Stan Lane 65, Dean Malenko 58, John Laurinaitis and Kevin Greene 56, El Hijo del Santo and Pat Tanaka 55, Prince Iaukea 54, John Laurinaitis 53, Kensuke Sasaki and Mike Chioda 52, Durango Kid and Brody Steele 51, Kendo KaShin 50, Johnny Webb and Kid Kash 49, Hideki Hosaka 47, D-Von Dudley 46, Rob Black and Mini Psicosis 45, Damian Dragon 42, Frankie Kazarian, Yoshi Tatsu, and Sin Cara 41, Trent Seven 37, Damien Sandow 36, Danny Demanto 35, El Texano Jr 34, Eric Watts, Tony Nese, and Davey Boy Smith Jr 33, Reby Hardy and Bram 32, Alex Payne 31, Satoshi Kajiwara 30

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Don Leo Jonathan (1950), Nora Greenwald (1997), Mickie Knuckles (2003)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Vic Coleman 93, Don Owen 90, Harry Madison and Mike Blazer 86, Leo Newman 84, Dutch Savage 78, Al Tomko 77, Ray Duran 75, Ken Lucas and Jean Antone 73, Masked Medic 75, Tiger Joginder Singh and Prince Poole 71, Arpad Weber 67, Juanita Coffman 65, Roddy Piper 61, Rod Steele and Ken Timbs 53, Azumafuji and Maurice Tillet 51, Jim Wright 50, Ray Gunkel 48, Ric Davidson 47, Argentina Apollo and Troy Endres 46, JT Lightning 40, Mitch Snow 34, Bronco Valdez 33, Bad Business Brown 31, Tony Nash 30, DJ Rizz 26, Jimmy Beale 25

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