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TWIWH Episode 22 (05/29 – 06/04) #ThrowbackTuesday

RUNNING TIME: 3 Hours 3 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony

SYNOPSIS: Episode 22 (05/29 – 06/04)

  • Infamous match between Andre The Giant vs Big John Studd which included an eight minute front face lock.
  • Audio: Cyndi Lauper confronts Capt Lou Albano and Roddy Piper on Pipers Pit.
  • Bonus Audio: Roddy Piper shows up at Lauper’s music studio.
  • Audio: Greatest Pipers Pit of all time featuring Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka.
  • Kerry Von Erich seriously injured in motorcycle accident.
  • Sean Michaels and Marty Jannetty make WWF in ring debut, TV debut, and are fired all in a week.
  • Almost one year to the day, The Rockers return to WWF.
  • Mr T returns to WWF as a referee for multiple matches.
  • Honky Tonk Man def Ricky Steamboat for IC Title and begins 454 day run as champion.
  • Bruch Prichard makes WWF TV debut as Brother Love.
  • Big Boss Man makes WWF debut.
  • No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan hits movie theatres.
  • After numerous skits as ‘The Common Man’, Dusty Rhodes makes his in ring return to WWF.
  • Chuck Austin sues The Rockers and WWF after being paralyzed during a match. Complete details on the case, damaging testimony by Bruno, memorable court appearance by Dean Malenko, and the massive amount awarded.
  • Sherri Martel appears in Celebrity Sleuth Magazine.
  • Marty Jannetty sentenced in 1992 Club incident involving drugs, assaulting an Officer, and an underaged (19) intoxicated date.
  • Audio: Cactus Jack Is Missing segments begin.
  • Audio: Dusty Rhodes speaks on ‘Cactus Jack: Lost In Cleveland’ skits.
  • The sad story of Ranger Ross: From Army Ranger, to pro wrestler, to unsuccessfully suing WCW for race discrimination, to becoming the ‘Motorcycle Bandit’ and serving prison time for bank robbery.
  • WWF sends legal letter for Scott Hall after portrayal as ‘Razor Ramon’ during WCW Monday Nitro debut.
  • World Wrestling Peace Festival featuring stars from WCW, NJPW, AJPW, AAA, EMLL, Michinoku Pro, and more.
  • Audio: Brian Pillman (still in wheelchair) makes last ECW appearance and promo which leads to near backstage fight with New Jack for using N Word.
  • ECW event featuring Paul Varelans / Taz confrontation, and Stevie Richards offering Divine Brown to Raven.
  • Audio: ECW invades USWA.
  • Booker T appears in 1-800-COLLECT commercial as a boxer.
  • Ludvig Borga has his first and only MMA match. Opponent? Randy Couture.
  • Jerry Sags sues WCW, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash over career threatening neck injury.
  • Audio: Scott Hall speaks on the incident with Jerry Sags.
  • Funeral of Owen Hart is held.
  • Audio: Sable sues WWE for $140 Million.
  • WCW Nitro Wrestlecrap. Ric Flair is stripped of title, given back title, and loses title twice to Jeff Jarrett all in one week.
  • Eddie Guerrero sent home from Raw event and into rehab by WWF for painkiller addiction.
  • Shawn Michaels becomes latest member of NWO.
  • Steve Austin wrestles last match on Raw (against Ric Flair).
  • Kurt Angle makes surprise return to Smackdown after undergoing neck surgery.
  • TNA tapes first ever episode of Impact on Fox Sports Net.
  • Audio: Vince McMahon conducts two part interview with TSN Off The Record w/ Michael Landsberg (2004).
  • Paul Heyman drafts Kurt Angle to ECW.
  • ECW One Night Stand: Extreme Rules results.
  • WWE signs Curtis Axel.
  • Federal Grand Jury issues 175 count indictment against personal physician of Chris Benoit (Dr Phil Astin).
  • WWE airs last (513th) ever episode of Heat.
  • ECW One Night Stand (2008) results.
  • WWE releases Ken Anderson aka Mr Kennedy.
  • Wade Barrett wins NXT Season One.
  • Kia Stevens (aka Awesome Kong, Kharma) announces pregnancy and takes leave of absence from wrestling.
  • Randy Orton suspended sixty days for second violation of Wellness Program.
  • TNA announces creation of Hall Of Fame and first inductee (Sting).
  • Matt Hardy’s memorable Ring Of Honor ‘anti-bullying’ promos.
  • Spike TV announces Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson to appear for Bellator and TNA Wrestling.
  • Audio: Batista quits WWE for second time.
  • Audio: Seth Rollins turns on The Shield.
  • Hornswoggle loses Hair vs Mask Match against El Torito.
  • Charlotte wins vacated NXT Womens Title.
  • Kevin Owens shines in debut match on WWE main roster.
  • TNA contract signing between Broken Matt and Brother Nero.
  • Audio: Alexa Bliss presents Bayley: This Is Your Life! (Well sorta kinda)
  • And so much more!

NOTABLE PRO WRESTLING DEBUTS: Masa Saito (1965), Taz (1987), Laurel Van Ness (2014)

NOTABLE DEATHS: Freddie Blassie 85, Boston Bobbie Regan 84, Mike Lane 82, Freddie Gomez and Kurt von Brauner 79, Angel Rojo 72, Tex McKenzie 70, Lee Fields, Soldat Gorky and Sandy Barr 69, Bull Montana 66, Man Mountain Dean 61, El Mongol 58, Dory Funk Sr, Pete McKay, and Tommy Rogers 54, Rockin Rebel 52, Dale Starr 51, Ripper Savage 48, Junkyard Dog 45, Espanto #1 and Shawn Summers 35

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Jim Crockett, Gorilla Monsoon, Big Bully Busick, Firpo Zbyszko, Wee Willie Wilson, and Princess Jasmine (RIP), Kamala 68, Jake The Snake Roberts and Joe Malenko 63, Lex Luger 60, Timothy Flowers 58, Dr D David Schultz 53, Samu 52, Vampiro and Scoot Andrews 51, Lexie Fyfe 50, Ian Rotten, Pete Gas, and Veronica Caine 48, Pablo Marquez, Steve Corino, Mikey Whipwreck and Nitro Girl Spice 45, Chessman 43, AJ Styles, Rebecca Raze and James Storm 41, Adam Jacobs 40, Brian Kendrick 39, Angel Azteca Jr and Braxton Sutter 38, Velvet Sky 37, Devin Driscoll and Jazzy Gabert 36, Nia Jax 34, Justin Corino 33, Hornswoggle and Mascara Purpura 32, No Way Jose, Grado, and Ross Von Erich 30, Montez Ford 28, Cody Hall 27

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