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Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 12/04/2017

RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony and Kevin Castle

Matt Hardy has ‘woken’, and DTKC have a lot to say about it.. Anthem no longer pursuing ‘Broken Universe’, contract changes coming.. DT reiterates what Anthem’s next business step should be.. Original Y2J vs KO Wrestlemania plans.. New WWE Network show w/ Corey Graves.. Cody Rhodes wants to book 10,000 seat Indy event.. Storyline Stupidity: Lana / Total Divas clip from Raw.. Matt Sydal no shows UK event, refuses to refund deposit.. Impact Nashville office closed.. Superstar Billy Graham says WWE is dead.. Addressing rumors surrounding Lio Rush, Daniel Bryan and Singh Brothers.. Alberto El Patron confirms split with Paige.. Luke Harper a Dad again.. WWE releases Theme Music composer Jim Johnston.. R-Truth undergoes shoulder surgery.. Mojo Rawley issues open challenge to Rob Gronkowski.. WWE asks fans which celebrities they want to see compete.. NXT and Tribute To Troops coming to USA Network.. Charlotte appearing in ‘Psych: The Movie’.. House Of Hardcore news: Big numbers on Twitch, Australia tour in Summer 2018.. DTKC discuss Dolph Ziggler’s recent frustrations from E&C Podcast.. 205 Live House Shows in 2018.. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Lucha Underground, Impact, NJPW, Indy wrestling news, pop culture, news, sports talk, and so much more. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Lucha Underground, Impact, NJPW, Indy wrestling news, pop culture, news, sports talk, and so much more.

TWIWH: New Day turns 3.. Broken Matt invades Ring Of Honor.. Samoa Joe ‘shoot promo’ on Scott Hall turns 10.. Triple H ‘marries’ drugged Stephanie McMahon on Raw.. Hall and Nash throw WCW TV Title in the trash.. Tuesday In Texas: Jake The Snake Roberts slaps Miss Elizabeth, Hulk Hogan wins WWF Title in controversial fashion.. Voodoo Kin Mafia and TNA crash WWE house show.. Eddie Guerrero vs Low Ki.. ECW Mass Transit Incident.. Stan Stasiak ends Pedro Morales WWWF Title reign.. Inoki def Bob Backlund for WWF Title.. Vince McMahon joins The Rock’s ‘Kiss My Ass Club.. AJPW Funk vs Brody.. Magnum T.A. vs Tully Blanchard ‘I Quit’ Cage Match.. Hercules makes WWF debut.. Hogan vs Flair.. Gorilla Monsoon ‘fires’ Bobby Heenan.. Jeff Jarrett / Nashville vignettes.. Shane Douglas wins last ECW Title.. WCW Brian Hildebrand Benefit Show.. Mark Henry ‘dates’ Chyna.. Big Show and Paul Heyman leave WWE.. Stephanie McMahon’s first WWE Raw appearance.. Undertaker ‘crucifies’ Steve Austin.. Juvi (w/ Tequila Bottle) def Liger for IWGP Junior Title on WCW Nitro.. Melina, ‘Bad News’ Barrett, and Dolph Ziggler make Raw debuts.. Kenta Kobashi returns after cancer battle.. The Miz vs Jerry Lawler TLC Match.. Kaitlyn wins NXT Season 3.. 205 Live turns 1.. and so much more!

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS: Mean Gene Okerlund 75, Ernie Ladd (RIP), Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Dutch Mantell 68, Dave Sullivan 60, Lee Marshall (RIP), Tom Zenk 59, Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger 53, JBL 51, Jimmy Del Ray (RIP), Minoru Tanaka 45, Christian 44, Rory McAlister 41, Brent Albright 39, Hyabusa (RIP), Jack Swagger 35, Summer Rae 34, Brooke Tessmacher 33, Naomi 30

NOTABLE DEATHS: King Curtis Iaukea 73, Big Daddy 67, Buddy Roberts 65, Little Beaver 60, Giant Haystacks 52, Moondog Spot 51, Umaga 36

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