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Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 10/23/2017

RUNNING TIME: 4 Hours 13 Minutes
Hosted by Don Tony and Kevin Castle

Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and others hit with Mumps.. Smackdown roster leaves Kurt Angle quivering.. Elias broke 99,996 less guitars that Jeff Jarrett and he’s already starting to draw dimes.. The Asuka debate: Quick and dominant or competitive longer matches?.. Kurt Angle doesn’t disappoint at TLC.. Complete WWE TLC PPV Recap.. Current WWE seamstress wishes death on Matt Hardy (really).. GFW era is officially over. Anthem and Impact Wrestling part ways with Jeff Jarrett and GFW.. DH Smith stops woman from committing suicide off a bridge.. DT asks the burning question: Is it possible to urinate lettuce?.. DT reveals who he wants to face Kalisto at Survivor Series.. It’s A Girl! for Miz and Maryse.. Thoughts and support for Kevin Owens and Nia Jax.. Tom Phillips ties the knot.. Chris Jericho hosting Loudwire Music Awards.. Taryn Terrell released.. Wacky fans turn a hand gesture sign of respect between Finn Balor and AJ Styles into a stupid controversy.. Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega in works for 2018?.. Triple H wrestles and twerks during WWE tour of South America.. Looking at recent quotes by Dana Brooke and Alexa Bliss side by side.. WWE Wrestlemania 34 Travel packages announced.. HBK to referee NXT Championship Match.. Patreon updates.. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Lucha Underground, Impact, NJPW, Indy wrestling news, pop culture, news, sports talk, and so much more.

TWIWH: Katie Vick turns 15.. Brian Pillman pulls gun on Steve Austin.. Terry Funk wants to be a Florida Cracker.. Austin pulls gun on Vince.. Bruno makes MSG return.. Buzz Sawyer vs Tommy Rich.. Paul Orndorff fat shames gym rats.. Brain Busters, Terry Gordy, Goldust and Al Snow make WWF debuts.. Rick Rude makes last WWF appearance.. Brother Bruti turns on Hulk Hogan.. HBK forfeits IC Title to Dean Douglas, who then loses title to Razor Ramon.. Last Womens Title run for Alundra Blayze.. Marty Jannetty returns to Raw.. HBK moons Raw audience.. Christian makes WWE debut.. Moolah wins Womens Title at 76.. Chyna wins IC Title.. Sting vs Bret Hart.. Kurt Angle wins first World Title.. Hayabusa paralyzed.. Deaths of Road Warrior Hawk, Mike Graham, and Yokozuna.. DT shares memorable story about Road Warrior Hawk and a NY hotel room.. WCW releases Bret Hart.. The Dudleys make Tag Team history.. Bobby Roode wrestles on Velocity.. Vince makes Stephanie ‘Quit’.. Taboo Tuesday.. Ric Flair busts himself open badly during a Promo on Raw.. Candice Michelle suffers brutal fall on Raw.. Vickie Guerrero should thank WWE for releasing Kristal Marshall.. Brock Lesnar signs with UFC.. Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling debuts.. Kofi Kingston is not Jamaican?.. Stand Up For WWE campaign fails miserably.. Memorable Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn PWG match.. Mark Henry and Big Show implode WWE ring.. Kurt Angle inducted into TNA Hall Of Fame.. Goldberg returns to WWE after 12 years.. James Ellsworth and No Chin Music almost shocks WWE Universe.. and much more.

Notable Birthdays: Pedro Morales 75, Bad News Brown (RIP) 74, Bushwacker Butch 73, Steve McMichael 60, Finlay 59, Scott Hall 59, The Berzerker 58, Ron & Don Harris 56, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Lenny Lane, Tiger Mask IV, and D’Lo Brown 47, Jasmin St Claire 45, Simon Gotch 35, Carmella 30

Notable Deaths: Ox Baker 80, The Crusher 79, Frenchy Martin 69, Tom Thumb 65, Mike Graham 61, Road Warrior Hawk 46, Yokozuna and Brain Damage 34

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Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show

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